Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hi Everyone….Yes we are alive! It’s been a roller coaster since my last post…its strange how things happen. So you are all aware of the “Toad” incident that went down. Well the next day JOSHY somehow hurt his back. It started off to be what we thought was a sore neck…which turned into my precious little baby screaming bloody murder on his bed…he was in so much agony that I felt paralyzed . I had no way of helping my dog…I called Ralph in hysterics…as I tried to find the address to our somewhat local ER vet. This was Saturday at around 12ish. I somehow managed to drive with my poor little pup crying the entire way on my lap (35min) away to Tufts Animal Hospital. I called them crying so they were graciously awaiting my arrival. As I flew in sideways they came rushing out whisked him out of my arms and into the emergency room. I somehow signed forms, agreed to emergency catheterization and sedation for MRI along with a waiver for emergency surgery. My nerves were shot, my mom walked through the ER doors THANK GOD! I think I may have called my mom on the horrific ride to let her know I was on my way and I would call her as soon as I heard anything….not good enough for my momma, she hoped in the car and drove out to the hospital to be with me. Ralph was working in Boston and as he frantically tried to get coverage, he couldn’t. Devastation set in when I knew he wasn’t on his way, and I’m sure for him as well. In any case there was nothing he could do anyway, Josh was with them and I knew we would be sitting for hours. 

 ___Insert LONGEST wait ever____ It was a good couple of hours before we heard anything, they came back with "we can’t seem to pinpoint the pain, which is common when dogs get a shot of adrenaline from being scared, the Neuro surgeon won’t be in till 5 or 6 and he will have to spend the night." To sum up a hugely long tear filled story; Ralph is headed to a second specialist about an hour away with our precious cargo and we will know more today. We are hoping for what they originally recommended which is “Pain Management” for two weeks and if he does not improve MRI and possible back surgery (which he already had…you can read about that HERE) or to return if he loses function in his back legs. Ugh. Not good enough for us. We want to know what our next step should be…So we shall wait and see after today's 12:30 appointment. Oh how we desperately pray it is only a strained neck of some sorts.

Needless to say it’s been a miserable week. I am happy to announce that Joshy did have a really good night/morning. After talking with his primary doctor and having her look over the records she noticed that the Emergency vet had only prescribed him, Gabapentin and Tramadol. He also really needed Deramax which is an anti-inflammatory. He is acting like a new dog, although I do not want to get our hopes up and we are surely prepared for whatever comes next. Josh is our main priority and we will do whatever is best for him. NOTE* This does not mean put him to sleep, what a Stupid thing for people to say!! Our dog is not terminally ill or suffering. He has back problems; we are not going to kill our dog because he is “costly.” Half of ALL long back dogs develop back problems. We knew this upon purchasing him; now that the issues have arrived we are not going to put him down because he is turning into an expense. I’m baffled by the people that have suggested that we should KILL put our dog to sleep. He has an amazing quality of life and this is merely a bump in the road, we are working with the best medical team and my little boy will be back to his spicy self in no time. For the time being, Yes, it does feel like a nightmare. No one wants to see something they love with every fiber of their being in pain! It is killing us. We have faith that he will be OK, but it is still nerve wrecking. 

 Please do what ever it is you do...pray, send positive energy, thoughts,  for my little guy...His Momma and Dad Love him dearly!!! Thank You Guys! :o) 

UPDATE: Josh’s appointment went really well, better than what we thought. Ralph said he loved the atmosphere of the place. Everyone was super friendly and warm. (we love that) Josh was seen and the outcome, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” He is not in extreme pain, he can walk and he is eating and drinking. We will continue to do bed rest for two weeks and hopefully he will recover. In the event that he does not do well in the two week “pain management” period, we will go in for a sedated MRI and go from there. Hearing this from a second specialist definitely eased our minds. We were also able to fix his medication to the right kind/dosage and we are good to go. OVERJOYED by this good news.

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