Friday, October 12, 2012

Sail Away

 Friday…. Tonight I will be preparing a date night at Home! Ralph wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner but as we are reaching Josh’s 2 week recovery end…we don’t want to leave our puppy!  Plus the weather just. plain. stinks! It’s been rainy off and on all day long…tonight will be the same, yuck. BUT it’s the perfect night to be IN!!  So I plan on making everything as if we were going to the Olive Garden!!! I even made the menu…It’s amazing how many replica recipes that you can find online from your favorite restaurants!! Tonight Olive Garden Bread Sticks, Pasta Fagoli, and Salad. Excited to spend the night with my three Loves!

*Can I “Overshare” I can’t wait to peel off all these work/school clothes!!! Sometimes I wish I lived in a nudist colony. Haha I would frolic around outside without a care in the world! Having to get dressed stinks…clothes can be so binding!  
                                                               HAPPY WEEKEND!!

**Pictures to follow...Of the Meal, Not me ;) Haha

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