Thursday, September 27, 2012

Forgive me...

Ugh! I forgot my phone at home…I feel lost. It crazy how much of a routine I’m in and don’t even realize it on a day to day basis. It’s crazy that at the times I know I talk to people…I feel odd as the time passes by. Yes it is only 9:34 A.M but by now I’ve already talked to Ralph, My mom and Sandra. Possibly texted Crystal and called Sonia back. I would have also listened to my voice mail and shot off another text to Ralph…just so he really knows how much I miss him…I might even toss in a I’m an idiot SORRY! I was so mean to him last night.

Let me give you the scenario. It is really quit comical now that it’s over with. Ralph took Josh out to potty before we went to bed…then he took Sam (our Puggle) when he came inside he said Sam was “mean.” As he began to tell me how Sam had picked up a toad and tossed him. Then he said it must have tasted bad because Sam was spitting/sticking his tongue out. I felt so bad for the frog that I had Ralph get a flashlight and we went outside to check on him. The frog/toad was fine and hopping around, no puncture wounds and seemed rather happy! So I went back inside, Ralph went upstairs to bed and I finished watching the last ten minutes of my show. For some reason I typed in “My dog picked up a toad with his mouth” in the Google bar of my ipad. BAD IDEA!!! There was page after page about how toads are poisonous to dogs if they pick them up. That the dog will DIE do to the poison in their mouth from the toad and start foaming and having convulsions…Not lying here is the Link

So I walked RAN upstairs barged through the bedroom door yelling something along the lines of “Sam is going to Die” and if he does “I will Never forgive you” “Why weren’t you watching him!?!” “We need to go to Tufts!!” I think I threw in a swear here and there. Yes-it was bad! So I followed the steps from the internet and washed out his mouth for ten minutes. After my frantic episode of trying to save my ailing dog (whom might I add was eating his food, playing with Josh and waiting for cookies). I began to slowly realize that he may not be dying. As I read further and saw that these types of Toads are not found around here….I felt stupid! It was too late the damage had been done; I might have also…just maybe told Ralph I hated him. Oops. Forgive Me?? He did. 

I don’t think I handle scary situations well. I always use to be able to…that is until I almost lost me little dog Joshua twice! He survived but this Mama is scared all the time. I hate it; I hate feeling like something bad is going to happen to them all the time. I miss the care free days when you thought there was no Sadness in the world, when pets didn’t die…they just went to live on a farm! 
These kinda carefree days....

But the harsh reality is one day I will….I can’t finish that sentence. I don’t want to ever lose my dogs…like I said in my {time capsule} I wish both my dogs were bit by Vampires and Live FOREVER!!
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