Thursday, September 13, 2012

I love you....

I Love you….

Our calendar is BLANK this weekend. This excites me! It’s been a few months since we had no plans what so ever! I’m getting a head start…Tonight I’m going to do all the laundry, go to the grocery store and clean the house. Figure out dinner for Saturday and Sunday night! Stop at the Gap and get us new Jammie’s, pick up some redbox movie’s, figure out a delish dessert I can make for Saturday Night….I guess there is a lot of planning going into a non-planned weekend. I guess I’m just eager to spend time with Ralph…doing nothing! 

Things I’m also excited about this weekend;

Decorating the Outside of the House for Fall! 

Figuring out a use for my MANY Mason Jars that I have acquired, I love Mason Jars!

Hoping my package comes from Palmer Cash this weekend…Oh how I Heart Palmer Cash!!! Excited for some new Fall Vintage T’s…so soft! 

Downloading Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap  & The Girl by City and Colour on itunes! 

Reading {Living} Magazine that was delivered to the house yesterday…It took a lot not to open it…but leisurely reading it on the sun porch with the cool breeze coming through is so desired this weekend! 

Taking the dogs for a walk…watching them enjoy their weekend as well…They miss their mama and Pop when we are at work…it’s a long week! I’m lucky to have such an awesome momma that visits them every day and takes them out! The perks of her retirement! LOVE! 

Gathering ideas for a spookkyyyy event coming up in the coming month. 

Making my pup’s some Pumpkin Cookies…

Loving! Loving every second, every minute, every hour, and every day I get to spend with my beautiful boys! That includes you too Ralphie…Not just the pups ;)

**Side note: I went into Starbucks yesterday and I was floored to see The Lumineers being sold next to the registers. I guess everyone is "Ho Heying" in their Cars & Home! This made me Happy!!  

I hope you all are Enjoying your Week and excited for this Beautiful weekend that is Rapidly approaching!! 


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