Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beautiful Dreams

I came home early today…I had the worst Headache ever! I never get headaches and I know this was due to me not drinking water today, yes really. So I came home punched in sleep station on Pandora and passed out with the dogs until Ralph got home. I woke up refreshed and giddy…did I just really have a dream of my WEDDING! I’ve never had a “wedding” dream before; heck I’m not even engaged. BUT it does consume my thoughts…sometimes I find myself making seating charts while I’m obviously supposed to be doing something else. 

I have so many ideas for my wedding day… although this dream was nothing like them! It was simple, elegant and magical. 

                       Every image was so vivid, looking at Ralph standing under a Homemade Southern alter. It was perfect. It is making me rethink everything I’ve had planned or imagined… 

                         Thinking about stepping outside of the box;  typical "suits" for Ring bearers isn't my style. I guess Time will tell....I do Change my mind Often!! But majorly hung up on the Country wedding after today!
 I’m captivated by these images…The ideas are swirling. 

Originally hailing from Massachusetts and having really never left I’m captivated by the south. Simple living, sort of obsessed with all southern things (e.g. wrap around farmers porches with rocking chairs, layered pearls, mason jars, country music,  monograms, oh how I love monograms. I’m a self-proclaimed organizer, bookworm, and over planner. I love any excuse to plan a party and bake…I secretly wish I had a show on the Food Network.  So planning and organizing every detail of my wedding is a definite. I’m lucky I have a few great girlfriends that know how frantic I am about wanting every detail to be perfect…and they will be there pressing and wrapping flowers and dripping wax sealed envelopes for sure. I want it small (100 people) Simple; Country and Beautiful. 


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