Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

                          Happy Labor Day Weekend!! 

The perfect time to relax, refuel and spend time with my love!  There has been lots of Celebrating for my Uncle’s 50th Birthday…but overall a pretty relaxing Long weekend. I’ve been trying to get extremely organized so this year will {flow} as effortlessly as possible. The next two years will surely be busy with lots of changes, BIG changes!  So much that my heart and head can barely take the excitement at times…but that allows me to squeal on the phone to my girlfriends at the event of “what ifs!” The possibilities of Engagement, Marriage, Babies and Graduation swirl in the air. I’m so one of those suckers that believes in the American Dream. Nothing in life will make me happier and fulfilled then being married to the man of my dreams, having babies and living in Suburbs in our cookie cutter home! I LOVE IT, I’ve always wanted it. Our weekend has been filled with BBQ’s, spending time with friends & family, relaxing in our home, cooking  and cleaning, my kinda perfect. Nothing outrageous and over the top, just living an ordinary life that feels extraordinary to me.  

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY Uncle Craig!!!!!

                                                             My Mom and My Uncle

Cleaning: I tackled a lot of rooms in the house…even the sun porch. The Summer dishes have been washed and packed up! Blankets & Sheets have been stripped and swapped out for our fall bedding...Fall is rapidly approaching…I even made pumpkin spiced banana bread today!! While I was making it Ralph was in the Garage changing the oil on my suv when we had a 15 minute downpour, Ralph called me outside and told me to bring my camera....The Prettiest Rainbow was painted in the sky above our beautiful neighborhood.
 I’m babbling I know! It’s been a long day…and Ralph is talking to me at the same time as well…telling me how excited he is that “All American Handy Man” is on right now. The stuff he gets excited about, haha. Right now a “window.” No I’m not kidding. Gosh I love him!
Because I have always known.....

I guess I’m logging off, I’m to distracted and I can’t lie…This is show is pretty good ;) Goodnight, Sweet Dreams. 

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