Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

Holy fly by weekend!!! Is it weird that the days all seem to mesh into one...someone
asked me how my weekend was and it was in fact pretty amazing, ridiculous and
eventful. I guess I will start with Friday...got word that it would be a girls
night...with girls I've known since grade school. So I busted out "Saved
by the Bell" board games, shovels and a make shift time capsule. (I kid
you not!) this is not uncommon of how we would spend a night when we all get together.
You really never know what may go down. After Laughs, Pictures, Kitchen Dancing
with a big dog, playing the air banjo, appetizers, throw back music and reading
aloud our hopes, dreams and where we see ourselves in ten years, we drove into
the darkness of the night to an undisclosed location, took out shovels and
dug... We dug until we hit power-lines!! Lit our "vigil" candles that
would not stay lit and covered it with dirt, pounded it down with our heels or
in my case Rain boots that I packed for the occasion and covered it with grass
shreds that we ripped up from the surrounding area! The contents of the "Time
Capsule" is CONFIDENTIAL!! In the event that some small children dig it
up...you best bury it back after you get a good laugh!  
Saturday was a nerve wrecking morning. Ralph had the Mickey Ward Bike Run to attend. He just got his bike back from the shop because he bought a larger tire in the front and had to have it put on...I always get nervous when he rides! 
So he and T were off all day...that did give me a chance to CRAFT and that I definitely did. That brings me to Sunday!! Ewww I had to set my alarm...for 6AM but for a good cause. Crystal and I had our first fair; it was in Newburyport so we had a long drive. The event was for the MSPCA so there were Dogs everywhere! Lots of our customers were purchasing tutus and clips for their pups. Which made me super happy...nothing cuter than a pup walking around the fair wearing a tutu!! Crystal and I took our moms which made for an adventurous day!! I got home and was surrounded by football, football and more FOOTBALL!! Ralph was happy...I cleaned the house, picked up dinner from Outback, Ralph washed his truck, we ate dinner, watched a movie then Crashed!!! 
MONDAY flew by...made a meatloaf and now blogging to you fine people ;) I hope you all had a fantastical weekend……..Now Tuesday. Monday night ended up being a STOP whatever {we} were doing and just be! I love when Ralph says “lets shut down” I literally saved/powered down instantly! It was a good night. 
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