Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

 It seems like everyone’s child is off to the BIG 1st Grade. I’m wondering if the kids are dressing themselves hhhmmmm. All the pictures I’ve been seeing via instagram and facebook have me wondering. #wrinkles #floods #ugly #mismatched 

*There was a selected few that were SUPER CUTE and I had to give momma’s praise for their adorable selection…Others I zipped my lips, because That’s Mean…and I’m not mean –anymore! And the added fact that we are all Gods children and clearly clothes are not everything…..but I LOVE CLOTHES! And I know that first day of school picture will take me months to plan out “The One.” The outfit that will be the image of our child’s first step towards the rest of his or her’s life! 

Can I just say it now…. I HATE CHARACTER CLOTHING!!! You will never see my children {one day} wearing Winne the Pooh or Elmo….or any other popular character out there…ever. I will buy the toys, underwear even the toothbrush if he/she want it, but NO light up Elmo shoes, Tiger hoodies, Sesame Street sweatpants for my child. Unless it is Paul Frank...oh how I love Small Paul! I guess everyone has their own taste and without a doubt will spill out into their children's closet, I can say that Ralph dislikes Hates some of the "dorky" clothing that I seem to skip a beat for....So who knows what our child will bear, time will tell....

Of course my child’s comfort is first and foremost but that doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy. There are so many stylish clothes that will Flood my child’s dresser and closet!! Believe me, because I’ve been Looking!! {I’ve even purchased some, crazy I know}…

Want to take a peek inside my future childrens “Gotta Have” closet!! 

I will get to the Girls later but for Tonight ……My Boy{s}: 

Yes I REALLY did make a Power Point Presentation of my Life...Although it is now a few months pushed out, give or take hahahaha  Here is a snippet of that now infamous slide show among my friends!

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