Monday, February 24, 2014

"Daddy's Little Girl" Book Review

 Most of you know I’m a sucker for “Traditions” things that I can look back on and look forward too. Ralph and Sophia are building their relationship more and more every day, and I have to say they are madly in love with one another. She is Daddy’s Little Girl to the full degree…Her little eyes beam when daddy is holding, talking, and well doing just about anything with her. For the past two Sundays Ralph has read a very special book to Sophia…and he will continue to do so until Sophia is “too big” for her book…Yet I picture the book ragged and tattered being packed up with her boxes to go to college, I picture the book in her nightstand when she buys her first home and I picture Sophia reading it to her daughter one day (this thought makes me cry….She is my baby for sure!) 

The Book they read is so special…We were sent the Book “Daddy’s Little Girl” from the author himself, Peter Wilson! I love listening to Ralph read her the words and her eyes intensely watching the page turn.
Daddy's Little Girl is a heartwarming tale of a father's love and growing relationship with his daughter; the story follows Daddy's Little Girl from infancy to maturity. 

A Note from the Author, “I wrote the book to demonstrate the love and support a parent has for their child and that family love lasts a lifetime.  In fact, the book is a family venture as well.  I wrote it, my aunt illustrated it, my father narrates it on the video and we sell it at my brothers' retail stores in our town.” 
  You all can view the video and/or buy the book HERE

 I’ve been anxiously waiting for spring and not just because we have had the worst New England winter since I can’t remember when but because Peter Wilson has another book coming out in the Spring titled Dear Mom.

We absolutely adore our new book!! For all of you out there looking for the perfect Fathers day gift or a gift for a “Dad to Be” this book is that book!! Something to be cherished for a lifetime! I know when “Dear Mom” comes out I would love to receive it for a Mothers Day Gift!! **Hint Hint Ralphie ;)

You can Follow the author on Twitter: @DLGBook or Facebook or YouTube

I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

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