Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kinder Kreations Review

Sweet Little So and I have fallen in Love…with Kinder Kreations!!
  How many times have I said “I hate Bibs” , MANY, like I legit thought they were the ugliest thing, and swore I would never put one on “my baby”…Until I gave birth to the spittiest baby EVER. I’m not kidding when I tell you I used to change her outfits 25 times a day (and not for fashion purposes). My whole I hate bibs thing went right out the window. Although I still disliked them…never liking that they ruined all sense of “fashion” when it came too little Sophia’s massive array of clothing. 

That was until I was introduced to the Bandana Bib!!! I think it is the cutest accessory to So’s outfits!!! Its stylish cut and simple stripe print, fit so many of her outfits. And the real purpose…IT KEEPS HER CLOTHES DRY!!! It is such a great quality, we are overjoyed with it! The 100% organic cotton is so absorbent and we just throw it in the wash and hang to dry at the end of the day. Here is a picture of Proof...You can't stage that HAHAHA

 From the Creator of KINDER KREATIONS: “Made from soft, 100% organic cotton this gender friendly, stylish bandana bib will sit comfortably (and loosely) around your little one's neck. With velcro purposely being use to attach the ends together, it makes the bib that much more safer being around your child's neck. This versatile bib was finished with an inside seam, thus making it a great scarf for your older child. Fits most babies/kids in the selected age category.

To clean your bandana bib, I recommend washing it warm water and hang to dry. * For safety reasons, please supervise your child when wearing their bandana bib*

Kinder Kreations was inspired by my little boy and my European background. It is a shop that started out as a hobby for me which quickly grew into a small business on Etsy. Kinder Kreations is geared towards children with products that range from scarves to tutus. I first started out making infinity scarves, and still do, and now it has moved to bibs and tutus! There will be more items coming to Kinder Kreations within the next few months. They include printed tees, more bibs and sleeping bags for children.”

 Stop by Kinder Kreations Etsy Shop HERE and Spread the word. It also makes the perfect Baby Shower gift…This momma cant rave enough!! 

I received this product free for review purposes although all opinions are 100% honest. 

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