Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NeatCheeks Review

What the NeatCheeks Peeps have to say: “NeatCheeks are natural and are fragrance free.  We have full disclosure about our ingredients on our website as well:  www.NeatCheeks.com.  The part about NeatCheeks that is completely unique and truly solves the problem of "face wipe avoidance" in kids is that we we use the natural plant extract, stevia, to give the wipes a pleasant sweet flavor.  That's right...SWEET!  So, when NeatCheeks are wiped across a child's lips and they stick out their tongue, they are pleasantly surprised by a light sweet flavor.  Since stevia is not a sugar, there is no sticky residue left on the skin.  In fact, stevia is also a moisturizing agent.  So, truly, NeatCheeks are the ONLY face wipes designed to not leave an icky-tasting residue left behind and are also moisturizing and gentle on baby's sensitive faces.  But MOST importantly, are the ONLY face wipes that keep kids happy and smiling, during mealtime clean up, regardless of the mess!”
Needless to say Sophia is a HUGE fan!! She completely dislikes getting her face wiped but these sweet wipes captivate her senses and she loves getting her face wiped. As a momma I'm always worried about ingredients and what certain products use...I did a little research on the ingredient "Stevia" and was pleasantly surprised! This product has this momma's stamp of approval!! 

One of my worries was Sophia has super sensitive skin, this product was so gentle and she had no irritation! It contains natural ingredients and No GMOs…did I mention there is No Sticky residue! It has to be because the master minds and creators behind this product are MOMS!! When you have children you want the best of the best and this product is proof! I can’t rave enough about NeatCheeks. Y’all have to give them a try, you’ll be hooked! Or give them as a gift...Perfect for a baby shower or 1st Birthday gift!!

We get a kick out of the NeatCheeks video compared to a typical wipe…Watch it below... If your not on a computer follow the link HERE to watch this adorable clip!

You can Purchase NeatCheeks HERE & Check out NeatCheeks on the web and "like" and follow:

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