Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pink Lining Diaper Bag Review

Ever since Sophia was born I’ve noticed that all the “new moms” have the same gear. Whether its bibs, binkies’, burp cloths, clothes, even diaper bags. I found it amusing when I took Sophia to the Mall and in the play area there were three diaper bags all lined up (including mine) that were identical.  At first I thought “wow that’s great it must be a popular bag.” Then I loaded up the car shortly after and panicked when I didn’t see Sophia's “wubbanubba” her binkie in the front pocket! My mind raced as I thought I had lost all my personal belongings, credit cards, wallet, cell phone, you name it! Someone had taken my bag. Just as quickly as the fear took over me, a huge sigh of relief. ..Sophia’s “wubbanubba” was in her mouth!! Duh! Panic averted, I had the right bag! 

But it got me thinking…

Spring is on its way and I know I will be at the park, a lot! I enjoy being outside and I know this baby will enjoy the sights and sounds even if she can’t run around yet! I don’t want the same mishap to happen…I want UNIQUE!! I set out to find the perfect Spring Diaper bag… Then came along PINK LINING!!! The most magical diaper bag company on the market!! 

I chose the Yummy Mummy bag. It's beautiful!! I was instantly sold on the adorable cupcake on the front pocket with cute cursive embroidery above it saying Yummy Mummy. I am a huge water drinker so the two side pockets are perfect, and they have elastic so it won’t come flying out while I’m trying to wrangle my squirming baby. I also love that the shoulder strap is optional. I love the convenience of having one but love that I can take it off when I just want to have a cute bag to take out to dinner. Bonus: The optional strap is adjustable and it fits on my stroller!!  Open up the bag and it’s a Hot Pink Heaven!!! I ADORE the inside of this bag, not only does it have insulated bottle holders…that I will most definitely use for my thermos for hot soup or hot cocoa but it has a clear cupcake zipper bag, which really could be used for anything but in my case will be soiled clothes. Sophia is a super spitty baby and I change her constantly. I love that I can throw her dirty clothes in there and keep everything else clean! 

Did I mention that Sophia is prissy? This girl needs luxury to the full degree!! In our old diaper bag we had a thin flimsy changing pad; Sophia would wail every time she needed a quick change, The Yummy Mummy comes with a luxurious changing pad, its triple the thickness of my other one. The quality in this bag is superb. I can’t rave enough about it. I’m also a sucker for the little things, I adore the pen holder and the clip on mirror, perfect to touch up your make-up or truthfully to see if I have baby spit up on my face (Life of a Mom!!) There are lots of pockets two big ones for diapers and even a zipper pocket. Did I mention that there is a key fob…I ALWAYS lose my keys, so this feature excites me!! 

I’m a sucker for organization and this bag unknowingly has taught me a lot about functionality. Digging through a diaper bag searching for items while your new baby cries and everyone is starring can be quit frustrating. This bag for sure is about having the right things available at the RIGHT TIME!! No more juggling for this momma. Overjoyed with the quality of this beautifully crafted diaper bag!!

You can purchase your Pink Lining diaper bags HERE
Watch this fun video about my bag below

**I received this bag free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest! 


Allie said...

Ooooh! I love that bag! So cute!

Sarah Renee said...

Thank You Allie :)

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