Monday, August 27, 2012

Angry Birds Party

It was a busy weekend…Mostly last minute details. My friend Crystal’s son turned 9 this weekend so we were busy planning and celebrating with his Angry Birds Themed Birthday!! 


Cam is obsessed with Angry Birds, so when his mom asked him what kind of Party he wanted it was no surprise when he said an Angry Birds Party!! Crystal and I are big “DIY” type people and the thought of spending hundreds at iparty was totally out of the question. We had the theme so know it was time to get crafty…..


I found the invites online and was able to download and print them for FREE. You can print out your own free Here!!

Here is the image of all the free Angry Bird print outs I used....
 The Cupcake Toppers were also printed out for free as well!! :o)


I went to our local Walmart and purchased packing boxes in all various sizes…which ran from anywhere between 28 cents to 68 cents a box, Super Cheap!! Crystal picked up a package of Angry birds & pigs balloons…so we were able to set up a Real life version of Angry Birds!!!   The boxes ended up being {Magical} and lasted in various ways throughout the ENTIRE party. After several Games of Angry Birds the children got to attack the boxes by crashing into them and beating them with bats…Oh the Joys of Boys being able to be destructive!! Once they were flattened they then turned into a magical slide, Anthony gave the kids a sled and the rest was history. Sledding in August, Awesome!! 


Crystal had the party around two, so it started with appetizers deviled eggs, veggie plate and Taco Dip. Later around dinner they fired up the Grill with easy go to food, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and had a bunch of other sides, salad, baked mac and cheese!! Kids Favorites! And of course the dessert table for sweets! An ice-cream cake, pecan bars, Turtle cookies, mini fruit cups over little sugar cookie shells, and some Angry Bird Cupcakes!! 


Most of the stuff was easy, and hand made. I printed off a free banner online and strung it together using black string, I also printed off tags to close the goodie bags and toppers for the angry bird poop (M&M’s). Crystal picked up a few Angry Bird decorations; we kept it simple and classic. 

For the goody bags it was simple…LOOT! Fake gold, Silly bands, bracelets, angry bird rings and huge rubber bouncy balls!

Crystal purchased Cam’s Angry Bird shirt from Kholes and we were set to Party!!! 

What we got him.....MONEY!!! Kids love money....but to spice it up I bought a bag of transparent balloons and got a bunch of ones, stuffed the money inside and Ralph filled up the balloons with an air mattress pump! We loaded them all up in a huge lawn bag and tied it with string.....Cam pulled the string and all the balloons came out...Then the fun part...POPPING all the balloons and collecting the Money!! 

Enjoy your week.... BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!

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