Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY: {un} Paper Towels

      DIY: {un} Paper Towels 
I don’t like to think of Ralph and I as being “Wasteful” people but truth be told when it comes to paper towels we go through about 5-6 rolls a WEEK!!! We use Paper towels for everything. I think I tear off two or three every time I wash my hands…and I wash my hands a lot! That doesn’t include cleaning, and everything else we use paper towels for. 

Time to GO GREEN!!! 

I went to my local fabric store and purchased one yard of a fun print in flannel and one yard in terry cloth, both are super absorbent and will be perfect for UN-PAPER TOWELS!! 

                                                These are the cut 12 by 12 Squares, ready to be sewn.

This is so easy, it takes about two hours to make but to think I will Never have to buy paper towels again is So worth it!! Saving Money not to mention the Environment! It's hard to imagine life without paper towels...This is a new thing so I'm not certain these will completely replace Paper Towels...but we will try ;)

I took a piece of Scrapbook paper which measures 12 by 12. I used a yard ruler for straight cuts and was able to cut 9 twelve by twelve squares out of each yard of fabric. After you sew them they will become 11 by 11. The snaps were so easy to put on...Just measure evenly mark two spots on all 9 already sewn squares and Hammer away ;)

When I was done I just snapped them together and rolled them up on an empty paper towel roll. Outcome: A Set of 9 large (11" X 11") towels with snaps that have officially replaced my paper towels!! Can you say ECO FRIENDLY!!

I used a coupon at JoAnn Fabrics and bought the two yards of Fabric on Sale for $6 dollars, I also bought the snaps (3 packages) for $4 dollars after my ACmoore Coupon. I never head to the Craft Store without one. So for only $10 Dollars I was able to make this Super Amazing Unpaper Towels!!! That I am seriously in love with. I put a little basket under the sink and after the towel is used you just toss it in. Wash and Dry, Snap back together and you have a brand “new” roll of “Paper Towels” ready to go!! 
                                 You can also fold them in three's and use them as dinner Napkins!!

  I have to admit I could not for the life of me figure out the sewing machine and Ralph totally took over (like the man he is) and sat at the table sewing!!! Not just one but every single one, if it was possible to fall more in Love with this man I think it happened last night!!! Just a tip that I forgot to take a picture of…Sew them pattern inside, that way you can leave a space to turn them inside out so that you will don’t see the seam! Then that tiny space you used to flip it through, simply sew up by hand. 

 I was able to sneak in a quick nail polish change while Ralph was busy...
                               Light Peach and One Miss.Sparkly...Thanks Maegan for the idea ;)

What is getting me really excited about this whole un-paper towel thing.... Changing them out for the Holidays...I will Surely be making Special Holiday ones, Like every Holiday. Next weekend's project...Halloween and Thanksgiving Un-paper Towels!!  They also make the Perfect House Warming Gift!! Find out the color of Friends and Family's kitchens and make them as Gifts!

List of {Go Green} in our house thus far:
Reusable cloth Grocery Bags
No more paper towels
Green: Cleaning Products
Glass; Milk
oh and we recycle ;) I'm sure there's more but I may have to think....


Melly Ann said...

:) I keep telling myself I'm going to make our family some cloth "paper towels" ... I love these!!!! So cute!

Sarah Renee said...

Thank You Melly Ann :o) I think the hardest part was picking out which print fabric I wanted at the craft store haha You should definitly make some! :)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

what a great idea! I just use the orange "shamwow" (I think that's what they are called)and cut them in squares.These are MUCH nicer! Much!

Wholesale Towels said...

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Samantha S. said...


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