Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Crazies

I heard the craziest thing today and even though it didn't involve me I feel 
like I have to state a fact. 
 Fact: if you know someone and they have good character, truthful nature and a 
kind heart and always have since the day you met them...never believe stories 
you hear coming from those who have never had any of those traits. No matter how 
believable their story may seem and no matter how bad they may make the person 
look... Know the actual facts because chances are the faulty one is leaving out 
MAJOR Key events that will make the story telling seem absurd. Chances are there 
are many, many , many things they don't want you or others to know so they try 
and blame others for their misfortune. Misfortune that has seem to follow them 
Wherever they go. 

So what was my response to such absurdity, Nothing. If the person actually 
believed such stupidity I'm certainly not going to clarify the truth. Sometimes 
it's better to nod and let the moment pass as you know very well these people 
hold no place in your everyday life. Merely a  passer-buyer that will continue to 
be lost around this very existence with no true purpose in their life. 

Do right for yourself and enjoy life...because life is an amazing adventure, and 
we are surely enjoying the ride!!! ;)

In case your wondering what road to take.... 

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