Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stubbed Toes and Pearl Jam

That about sums up our Wednesday night…

              Its nights like this… 

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam floods the walls of our master bedroom as Ralph looks up sports stats from his iphone while Sons of Guns is on the TV, muted. (I guess we just always have to have a TV on) I come prancing in the bedroom; excited. Pearl Jam is one of my Favorites and to hear “Just Breathe” on warms my skin as I remember our Relationship just starting to bloom into a full force love affair. I give Ralph that sly look and I know he knows I’m about to rehash our whole first year of Love! This song totally brings back those memories. I turn the corner and BOOM I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. I STUBBED MY TOE and Hard on the corner of our bed!! I cry and Laugh all at the same time…Ralph is in tears from Laughing so Hard…Which in turn is making me angry. Only to be swept off the floor seconds later in his arms as he puts me to bed; now just Happy.  As he playfully kisses what might be a broken toe. We have been laughing for the past 20 minutes and I want to cherish this moment forever…So here it is frozen in time through my words.  I Love You Ralph, “did I say that I need you, did I say that I want you…..No one knows this more than me.”  ~PJ

Our Song Tonight…and Forever.

                     Pearl Jam {Just Breathe} 

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