Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten Olympics Party Ideas

 Ralph and I have been in a {TEAM USA} frenzy. The Olympics have been plastered all over our TV. Yes-the Opening ceremonies were a bit odd and a lot of the outfits were a bit bizarre (could have done way better on the outfits people, designers what were you thinking)?!? But I Loved every second of it...I Love that it’s an Event that happens only every 4 years…it makes it that more special. To think that the next time we will watch the Olympics our lives will be in a completely different place….Like really different. That we may possibly be watching the next Olympics with our children???  Mind Boggling. So for now we are soaking it all in as a couple, pair, deuces…yes just the two of us! Although we will be hosting a mini Olympic Get Together on Friday Night. I have been doing my research and these are a definite must, thank you Pinterest for the never ending supply of ideas!! 

Top Ten Olympic Party Ideas:

Olympic Doughnuts @ Whatever DeeDee Wants
Olympic DIY Candy Jars @ No Biggie

Olympics Tourches  
Birds Party Blog

Need to find some Gummies......

A Small Snippet Blog

We may just do this Every Summer on the Beach, hehe Super Fun and Super Funny to Watch.
 I will be sure to Update with Pictures from our own personal experience along with some other Creative Olympics ideas I have circling my crazy brain! I hope you are all Enjoying....
                                                         OLYMPICS 2012

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