Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He’d Die for me and I Live for him.

              He’d Die for me and I Live for him. 
 I’m mystified by this Grand design I’m in. Tonight my dogs started to bark for no reason…My heart started to race as I stared out the pitch black window they were both barking out of. Then I hear Ralph upstairs getting out of bed and listened to his footsteps go across the hall as he made his way downstairs. I knew it was nothing…out that dark window…in the darkness of the night. What if? Not even a question, knowing that Ralph would Never let anything happen to me, ever. This man that came downstairs to see what the dogs were barking at would die for me. It’s hard to wrap my brain around such a concept, that you could be so madly and deeply in love with someone that you would give your life for them…that’s beyond powerful. 

I live for this man; he puts a smile on my face even in my dreams. Side by side, we are on a ride, a life time adventure. Just him and I. Surreal… a warmth like no other, unexplainable unless you are living/feeling it. I don’t know how he does it, how he gets me the way he does. 

The things that he does, that I live for, others wouldn’t understand. The way he mimics Doug from King and Queens, the way he says “shut it” with a grin, the way he bites his knuckle when I’m driving him absolutely nuts. The way he tells me I’m pretty after we get home, after the dress comes off, after the make-up is gone, when the curls are out, just when I’m me. The way he stands close. The way we walk, not realizing he is always against the direction of any kind of harm, my hand placed firmly in his…leading the way. My safety. 

                                              I know for certain I would fall apart without him.

Better than a Fairytale, he is all I ever wanted, all I’ve ever needed. 

He crashed into my heart, HARD. A man that I thought would be incapable of staying with this {just turned 21 year old at the time} trying to wrap my head around him still not leaving, still wanting to stay. He wouldn’t dream of going anywhere, anywhere but here, with me. 

                                                    Without a doubt, my song Tonight. 

Tonight I’m going to bed next to the man that loves me more than himself.  A man that thinks my life is more precious than his own. Amazing. 

                                                                Goodnight. XO

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