Monday, August 6, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Date Night

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s Date Night 

Ralph and I have had babies, toddlers and other children at our house a lot the past few months and our Home is slowly making way to “Kidville” the other night while cleaning up a million Nerf darts I started to think I would like to pelt Ralph with these when he walked through the door, I was sure he and I would both get a big Laugh at it….. It was a Saturday night and the plan was to watch Mr & Mrs. Smith (yes I know it came out Forever ago but Ralph has Never seen it) Shocking I know, I randomly found out a few weeks ago when the new People Magazine was delivered to our house and they were on the cover. So the plan was set; a Dinner & Movie Saturday night….Now with Nerf Guns!!!  

This is how the night went:

Thank you iTunes for Supplying the Soundtrack to our themed “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Date Night….This is what was also playing when he walked through the door….

Needless to say it was an Absolute Blast!!! Ralph somehow had the time to pick up all the scattered Nerf Darts and ambushed me…I don’t think we ever laughed so hard!! We definitely worked up an appetite and had a romantically delicious dinner (soundtrack to movie was still playing and ended up being the perfect music for the evening). 

*I found the Movie picture of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and saved it to my computer...Tried my best to add our own heads to the pictures...Ralphie really got a kick out of it haha  

 After dinner we settled into our Cozy Living room; Candles going in the fireplace and put on Mr & Mrs. Smith.
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