Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Super Why Party

SUPER WHY Birthday Party 
Ralph’s nephew had his Big 1st Birthday Party. Christian’s favorite show is Super Why so the theme was set. I offered to do one of the table’s at the hall they rented, including the cake! I quickly realized after scouring stores from Target, Craft stores, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, and even iParty that Super Why was nowhere to be found!!

I was left with the internet to get creative! I went to PBS and clicked on Super Why and right away started printing off images. I used the focus colors Blue and Green, which were Wyatt’s main colors. 

I took Blue and Green construction paper and made triangles, to rope string and hot glued all the ends. The banner was established. Next I printed off 30 pictures of Various Super Why Characters and started taping them to water bottles. I scored Crayons at Toys R Us which were on sale for 4 for a $1. 25cents for a Party favor seems pretty amazing to me ;) I taped characters to the front of the boxes to really tie in the theme. I printed out Super Why coloring pages from PBS.org and used it as a “coloring station.” 
Free Printable for You!! :o)
I recruited my friend Crystal to come over for a “Girls Night” which included Wine/Cheese and BAKING!!! She got busy right away and started making Cake Pop’s. More free printable's at PBS.org  supplied the decorations for the three tier Cake pop stand. We dipped the cake pop’s in the themed colors blue and green. 

Next was the cake; a three tier Super Why cake. Top; Vanilla. Middle; Marble. Bottom; Chocolate! I used free pintable's to add to the cake and stuck with the themed colors of blue and green. Made about 100 Cupcakes and frosted and we were good to go!!! We had lots of cake pop’s extra and bagged them up as additional favors. I bought 4 green containers from the dollar store and flipped one upside down and put the other on top as a make shift stand. Inside the bottom of the transparent green container I added a green glow stick to each to light up the bottoms. Super cool table effects for just a couple of dollars. Score! 

 I made a mini Smash Cake and also did the Blue/Green colors. Added free decorations that I printed out online and it was really that easy. I used supplies I already had in my house, such as sprinkles and what not. 

Here are the FREE party Hats I printed out from online... It seemed silly to spend $10 on party hats when I could print them out for free. :o) 

Follow the Direction below and print out your own. 
Here are the FREE Super Why Invitations...Print and you can fill them in

For each Table these Place Holders were used...You can Print off how ever many you need! 
The Games were pretty simple as well....A Super Why Pinata and Free Super Why Games found online.... 
 I printed Out Free Table Confetti as Decoration and also printed out 8 more sheets to use as All the Cupcake Toppers!!!! I was so excited for these.... I taped them to cake pop sticks that I had cut in half...Then stuck them into the cupcake...SUPER WHY cupcakes in a Flash!!

I wanted to created Super Why cape's for all the Super Readers at the Party but I ran out of Time...But here is what I was going to do.....
This mommy blogger made them out of T-Shirts and felt... Pretty Crafty!!! Maybe if we ever have another Super Why in our future ;) 

Hope you all Liked Christian's 1st SUPER WHY Birthday!!!! We sure all did!! 

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