Thursday, August 16, 2012


I had the day off yesterday…My list of “To Do’s” seemed like an impossible feat. So I ended up watching YouTube Video’s ALL day long!! Called Ralph and told Him I missed him 7 times. Played with my Pups, added glitter to my nail polish on my toes, Danced absolutely ridiculously in my Living room, stopped at my friend’s house as she embellished my {Rolove} bracelet with a Purple Skull, Laughed so hard as we could not control the wild Lab we had running in her backyard and actually had a pretty amazing dinner on the table by the time Ralph got home got out of the shower ;) Oh and watched a baseball movie that had me bawling my eyes out, if you can believe it…not the crying part because I always do, the baseball part! I think yesterday was a Success. Today consisted of sitting by the pool, drinking ice water, going to whole foods, reading and playing with Unicorns; Obviously. My List can wait another day. 
 This weekend will consist of {Hopefully} a productive check off on that dreaded list...but I'm certain, almost positive I will get side tracked crafting, shopping, movies, loving and all sorts of wasted time activities, I think wasted time is Glorious! 

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