Friday, January 18, 2013

The Simple Things

Today I’m enjoying the Simple things in Life

1. Smiles
I felt like a Zombie when I walked into Starbucks this morning…Beyond tired. I didn’t realize it then but I must have looked unhappy, this lady in front of me was looking on the shelf and turned to me and just smiled. (Maybe she thought I could use one.)  Honestly it caught me off guard, I thought to myself do I know you, but I didn’t. She was a complete stranger just exchanging a smile….I have been Smiling at everyone ever since. Truth: Smiles are contagious; I’ve been getting return smiles all day (its only 11:13 A.M.)

2. Warm Boots & Hot Chocolate
 Living in New England you need a good pair of boots, the weather here is out of control 70* one day and a blizzard the next! I recently got the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots; they may be the best boots ever! Warm toes and a warm body from the silky smooth gourmet hot chocolate I grasp between a knitted pair of mittens. Without a doubt I’m letting my mouth savior the rich texture of this {chocolate heaven.}

3. Baths
I’ve been kind of obsessed with baths as of lately. They are so beyond relaxing, not to mention I was lavished with lots of LUSH products over my Birthday!

4. Quiet Time: After the holidays our household slowed way down! It is so quiet and calming, no more hustle and bustle of the crazy Christmas, New Year’s, birthday frenzy! The next two holidays that are approaching are Valentine’s Day and our 8 Year Anniversary. For the past 4 years we have stayed at a four story beach house right on the ocean with two of our close friends. I will do a post on this as a lot of planning and detail go into this very special February Get-A-Way. This is one vacation of complete relaxation! One to not be stressed over, it’s actual a stress reliever!

5. Being Loved: What can I say; there is no greater feeling. 

and lastly Hall And Oaks who have consumed my Radio this A.M. 

                     But have to Admit....this Cover is my Fav!
Love Love Love Them!

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