Friday, July 5, 2013

BumpDate: 23 Weeks

       Happy 4th Of JULY Weekend!!!!!!!
 How far along: 23 weeks…17 weeks to go! I can’t even fathom how fast this is flying by!! 
 How Big is Baby: The size of a big Grapefruit!

Feeling: GREAT!  I’ve felt pretty good throughout this whole pregnancy minus a few week nightmare in the beginning. But I have to say I definitely have more energy now than I did in the first trimester.

Maternity ClothesI haven’t bought any yet…It’s almost becoming a Game. Curious how big I will get before I REALLY can’t wear my clothes any longer.

Sleep: Sleep has been great; I’m actually falling asleep later. There was a few months that I was out cold by 8pm. Actually for 22 weeks it has been like that…growing a baby is tiring.

Best moment of the week? Showing off my nursery ;) It’s not complete yet but I gave a few lovies a sneak peek. I’m hoping to have it complete in the next few weeks.

Movement: Yes tons…she is spicy.  I’m still in awe Every. Single. Time. She moves around, I can feel her pressing on my stomach when she flips around and actually see it against my belly, it gets really hard for a minute. At first I was nervous and thought something was “happening.” It is so surreal and magical at the same time. I think Ralph is shocked every time he feels her kick.

Food cravings: None…maybe sweets ;)

Food aversions: Nothing

Belly button in or out? In

Goals for Next Week: Organizing the kitchen, making room for baby goods. I want to have a drawer just for baby items and a cabinet for the same. Looks like “Sarah’s Baking Goods” label will be peeled off. *Gosh I love my label maker! And sign up for Prenatal Yoga!

What I miss: My bathing suits and cut off jean shorts. Trying to keep my head in the game and reassure myself that packing on the pounds is so worth it once Sophia is here.

What I'm looking forward to: 
It is really, really starting to feel REAL and My next UltraSound which I believe is at 30 Weeks, hard to believe that is rapidly approaching then I will be saying 10 weeks to go!!
Milestones: Sophia’s Closet is Complete! Cutting tags off of hundreds of items and doing loads of laundry!! It is now ALL hung up and ready to go, I’m head over heels in love with Baby Girl’s closet!! She has the funniest accessories and clothes. I even bought her a pair of Cowgirl Boots!  

Thoughts: I’m planning on signing up for Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes, a few have told me it’s a waste of money but I’m not one who likes surprises and likes to be as prepared as possible. They are only $100 dollars and at our hospital, which makes me excited because I will be able to go snoop around and get a feel for the place (which mind you is BEAUTIFUL) we do have a hospital that is about 5-10 minutes from our home but chose to go to a more elite hospital that is 45 minutes away. Hoping that doesn’t come back to bite us in the end ;)

 I also Joined Top Baby Blogs!! It’s only been a couple of weeks and I'm in the TOP 30! You all have been so wonderful voting for me! I wish I could thank all of you personally. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s so awesome getting to be a part of the Top Baby blogs on the net and to be in the top 30 out there is shockingly amazing! You can vote by clicking the link below and clicking the first owl. I really appreciate all the love! 

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Victoriaaa said...

I love looking back on my posts like this!! I went to the classes too, for me it was just one of those things to do as a pregnant lady :)

WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

Sarah Renee said...

Hey Victoria :) I'm hoping for a 7 minute Birth like you hahaha ;) Loved your Birth story...Rio is such a cutie!!

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