Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Baby Shower

               Pink Chevron Baby Shower

No detail was overlooked at my “Baby Girl Chevron Baby Shower”, styled and planned by the mom-to-be (ME) along with the help of my sweet friend Crystal. I absolutely love pink, and crystal thought it would be fun to incorporate the Chevron Print that I have Sophia's Nursery set up in. Which I thought was a fabulous idea!!  My mom ordered the invitations Via: Vista Print (which I thought were super cute). She designed the invitations herself with the help of templates, creating a simple, lovely design that set the tone for this classically styled event. 

The Venue which was at The Coachman’s Lodge was Enchanting. It was held in the Beautiful Bartlett Room. They have Amazing outside grounds with a pond, Arbor and two Gazebos. Which Ralph and I we were able to walk after the shower. We decided to go with a Sunday Breakfast Buffet, Breakfast or brunch baby showers are gaining popularity as I’ve noticed.  Sunday morning showers enable the guests to come, visit, enjoy the shower, and then have the rest of the day to take care of their other responsibilities. Plus I wanted to be able to have the rest of the day to get organized ;) Which seriously felt like Christmas Morning! And serving guests a baby shower buffet can take the worry out of finding the perfect shower foods. Buffets can include a variety of choices that are sure to please everyone at the shower. Which I think worked out really well…The food was delicious and there was a wide variety, the servers were on their toes and continued to bring out hot food as it started to get low. The chef whom I met prior was so professional and I truly loved the atmosphere. I also liked that the servers were dressed in pant suits and tuxes; it gave it that “feel” I was really looking for. 

Crystal found inspiration in the pink and gray color palette from my baby’s nursery and added some sparkle with the gorgeous chevron and Pink linens that we were able to request from the venue. The chevron pattern was also picked up from various paper goods vendors from Etsy. Lovely Balloon arrangements created by a Pinterest inspired project complemented the table design beautifully, along with the irresistible treats from Crystal that were displayed on the most beautiful Wooden stand, built by her dad! Guests also enjoyed  yummy Fresh lemonade, with sliced fresh lemons (that was supposed to be PINK but worked well being yellow with the pink stripped straws purchased from Etsy) along with shower activities that included a fun Bingo game where the first two guest were able to win mini gift baskets and a fun “Wishes for Baby” that were filled out by every guest… Brilliant idea, and I will cherish those forever (Thank You Crystal) I read them all with Ralph that night and some made me ball and others made me laugh hysterically! Thank you all for your sweet thoughts to Baby Sophia!! 

Every seat was headed with place settings from Martha Stewart, and was lined with a light cream trim, it was fun putting silly names on a few and I knew my family and friends would get a kick out of it. One thing that I completely overlooked was hiring a photographer. As the weeks approached I became so overwhelmed (maybe that is why “Moms To Be” have it as a surprise!) but I LOVE details and I just couldn’t handle not being involved, control freak (I know!) Luckily my friend Crystal saw my distress and completely took the reins…Because Y’all know I would have never asked for help! She called me up, amidst my tears and said everything is taken care of! In disbelief I sat on the phone as she ran down the line of details already accomplished, she must have ran around to 20 different stores, online for hours and baking for days! I was handed a “To Do” list of remaining things to get done and it was pulled off!! I am forever grateful!! My mom, soon to be mother in law, Crystal, Sandra and Sandra’s sweet mom met at the Venue and we finished the set up and we were ready to Rock and Roll!!! 

As my family, friends and extended family started to roll in I couldn’t help but think how much LOVE baby Sophia will be surrounded by! Thank you Everyone who came out to celebrate with me, We are truly blessed. 

Ralph and Anthony (Ralph’s Bestfriend and Sophia’s Godfather) arrived the last 30 minutes to say Hello to Guest, Eat and Pack up the Trucks. SHE WAS SPOILED, for sure!! Crystal in a blink of an eye had the entire room and all my supplies packed up in my car, and Ralphie & T had the truck loaded up and we were off!! We all met at my house and literally put away everything in one hour! Well the boys watched the Patriots game which happened to fall on the same time as the Baby Shower Ending (they were good sports about it though) So Crystal, my mom and I put EVERYTHING away!! Minus the big boxes of stuff that Ralph built that night! Overall, it was a Beautiful Morning/Day and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Party Credits: 

* Styling: Sarah and Crystal
* Photography: Totally forgot about this aspect…Luckily I had my camera and I was able to get     pictures from my guest! But wanted to hire someone :/
* Baby Shower Chevron Printables: Etsy
* Cake, Cupcakes, Pops & Sweets: Crystal and I
* Dessert Stand: Custom made by Crystal’s Father, Yes he is a Genius!
* Center Piece Arrangements: Crystal found this whole concept on Pinterest, she bought white fences at the craft store and I purchased tissue paper and balloons and Walla! Seriously the easiest and cutest center pieces ever!! I wasn’t able to find butterflies for the strings but they still came out super cute!
* Baby Shower Decorations: My mom picked up the cutest stuff for the past few months so we kinda just winged it when we arrived as to what we were going to put where.
* Thanks for Poppin’ By Favors: Etsy, Crystal!
*Baby Shower Bingo in Chevron print and Wishes for Baby: Etsy, another amazing find by Crystal!!
*Straws & Chevron cupcake Liners/toppers: Etsy
* Top Cake “S” Sophia topper: AcMoore
*Venue: The Coachman’s Lodge, Hosted by Donna & Sharon (THANK YOU “Mom’s”)
*Dress: Jessica Simpson Maternity from Destination Maternity
*Hair: Personal Professional Hair Dresser (aka my MOM)  


HUGE thanks to Crystal and all her fabulous work, from baking, running around, hours of searching online, to favors and everything in between, everything came together for this most stunning of Baby Showers, and for gracing My Shower with your beyond gorgeous ideas and inspiring work! ♥
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