Saturday, February 15, 2014

February L.O.V.E

I hope You all Had a Fabulous Valentine’s Day!!! We sure did…It was actually quite uneventful…but in the best way possible. We LOVE or should I say I love holidays. I actually have a Rubbermaid bin for every holiday. So the house was decorated…Sugar Cookies were made and Love was in the air. I played Valentines themed music **which was actually just a V-day cd I had made a few years prior** It has all of our favorite songs on it. Sophia was grinning from ear to ear. We ordered in advance from our favorite restaurant…taking a baby out when we were getting a crazy New England storm was out of the question. We settled in for a cozy night and exchanged sweet nothings with one another….and of course indulged in some decadent Valentines chocolate. Ready for the real Romance, well it ended with us all passing out in bed by 10. We fell asleep watching our Friday night show “Gold Rush” it was beautifully sweet in every way.
Our NINE year Anniversary is coming up on the 28th…We all know what happened last anniversary…
 We can’t lie though…our baby gives us baby fever and we can’t wait for number 2….3… I think we will stop there! Today I’m taking down all the red, pinks and purples that adorn our house and getting ready for the next Holiday. I hope Sophia loves to celebrate as much as her momma does! 

Sophia has been the Busy Baby…she is babbling like crazy and drooling, oh the drooling!! I believe before I got pregnant I said I would never use “Ugly Bibs” and that I hate when babies have them on. Ya, that is definitely NOT the case…I have about 100 bibs. I’m still not a fan of them at all, but changing Sophia 30 times a day got old quick. Although I did fall in love with a certain style bib...But I will save that post for later ;)

Other than that she has been filling her days with tummy time, dancing in the kitchen with her daddy, singing songs with momma, patting her puppys with closed fists (so funny) and eating her hands!! I think we have a teether people!!! My mom took Sophia on a little Target trip yesterday and they picked up her first teething toys. OH and we are moving onto cereal!!!! She has her 4 month old Doctors appointment on Thursday and we are seeing if we have to OK to do so!! Happy Happy Happy!!! Lots of changes going on with our Precious Baby So!! 

We are eager for Spring…but I’m secretly LOVING all these Snow Storms! Sophia has 8 snowsuits and I’m trying to get pictures of her in all of them because they obviously won’t fit her next year! And her Daddy has been so cute….Making her Mini Snowman’s for every storm!! 
Happy February Everyone!!!

                                                                                        Love Always, Sarah

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