Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pink Parchment Soap Review

  Sophia and I were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do a review on this amazing Handmade Soap company out of Michigan called Pink Parchment Soap, and we have fallen in LOVE!!!
I Received these products free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% Honest.

  What the peeps at Pink Parchment Soaps had to say, “Created in 2007, Pink Parchment Soaps offers a complete line of all natural, fun and unique soaps as well as body butters, sugar scrubs and solid perfumes.

Why? Because we love making all natural, almost all natural and simply fun products! Years ago we bought some handmade soap. WOAH Hold the water, hold the bubbles, hold the soap! Who knew the difference? We didn't, but then we did and what a difference it was. We immediately fell in love with handmade soap and bought more and more and more. (Yes we LOVE handmade soap) Finally one day Jim (Dear husband and father) said, "You know, I think you could make this yourself". Waa Haa Haa, boy was he right! And how much fun we had! A few classes and a couple of boat loads of soaps later, we had more soap than we knew what to do with AND we still and a thousand new ideas we wanted to try.

We test most of our products on Jim (especially the shaving soaps – but not our perfumes). I have to admit that when we first started out he would always say "I LOVE IT". Well, a few years and a couple of thousand bars of soap later, he will now say "Well, (big hesitation) this one may not be so good, but I still like it!". That’s when we go back to the drawing board and start over.

All of our products are made in small batches by me (Trish). My daughters Christina and Anna help out during hectic times, or whenever the mood strikes them or when they think I’m heading off in the wrong direction……”

Well We LOVE LOVE LOVE these fabulous soaps. They are so rich and lather beautifully. With Sophia’s delicate skin I’m always apprehensive to try new things with her. The soaps are labeled with all of the ingredients used and there are no secret ingredients which makes this momma SUPER happy! Sophia LOVED the Unicorn Rubber Duck soap and it was gentle on her skin. Not to mention how fascinated she was by the Rubber Unicorn fixated on the top of these adorable soaps!! The best part, when the soap is done she gets a Super cute Tub Toy!!! 


 We also received the Buttercream Birthday Soap, Holy Hell, this soap is INCREDIBLE!! It smells like sweet cake and I LOVE that your skin feels satiny smooth when you get out of the shower…along with smelling like sweet cake. I think Ralph liked this as well ;) As much as Ralph is a “Manly Man” he loves beauty products (don’t kill me if your reading this hunny!) But its true! He is not the type that has one bottle of two and one shampoo and uses it as soap…oh no no…He has Shampoo, Conditioner, leave in conditioner, facial cleaners, moisturizers, body scrubs and soaps and so on! So I cant wait until his Birthday this May because he will definitely be spoiled with a “Soap Gift Basket!” I know he will LOVE the bar Of Sammy Boy Beer Soap!!

Here is a bit about this Fabulous Soap, “Sammy Boy Beer Soap is made with Samuel Adams Beer and has a just a hint of lime.

Why Sam Adams beer soap? Well…..
Our Sam Adams Beer soap is not only fun and unique, it actually also many beneficial properties. BEER IS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN!! It has been used for thousands of years (since the Egyptians) to freshen the skin and reduce the risk of skin conditions and scientific studies have confirmed that beer sediment (yeast) can help improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne. Beer soaps also help maintain a balanced pH level in the skin. Since beer is made primarily with hops, the properties and benefits of this herb become part of the soap. Hops are known to sooth irritated skin and contain skin softening amino acids. The active beer yeast is considered an extremely healing ingredient and contains B vitamins and saccharides, which help purify and renew the skin while locking in moisture. It is also thought that beer yeast helps with skin elasticity. Takes relaxing in the show or bath with beer to a whole different level doesn't it?” (Pink Parchment Soap)


 I could go On and On about all their Fabulous Soap but its better that you just go check them out for yourself!!! There is literally something for everyone!!! Not to mention they make fabulous gifts for every occasion, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Mothers/Fathers Day! Or just spoil yourself with this lushish soap!! 

Purchase your own goodies on their website or on Etsy. Or stop by and Like them on Facebook! 

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