Sunday, May 18, 2014

Simply a Circle Review and Giveaway

I am totally obsessed with Simply A Circle!!! Sophia for the past 6 weeks has been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. We have officially entered the teething stage! For all of you that know me personally you know how I ADORE jewelry. Especially those that match my outfits. Well that went out the window…my jewelry stand has been closed up until further notice (or Teeth appear!) I’ve felt lost heading out of the house with no jewelry on besides my diamond. Everything else seemed to be a “Dangerous” idea. When I was introduced to Simply a Circle I was floored….Beautiful Necklaces intended for a teething baby!!!! You have to be kidding me?!?! I have never heard of this, Brilliant Idea!!! I was generously given the Purple Butterfly Teething Necklace for review and the Total Green Nursing Necklace for one lucky reader to WIN, Free!!! Yes that’s right a wicked awesome giveaway!!
I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

      The true test would be, are they really used for what they are intended for, teething?!?! Well I got dressed up, threw the necklace on and headed out the door…praying that this would be enough distraction for a wiggly teething baby during a church service and after party for a beautiful wedding we were attending. We got out of the car and she was gravitated to the colorful wooden balls instantly. It went right in her mouth and soothed her gums THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Miracle Necklace…I think So!!

What the peeps at Simply A Circle have to say, “Nursing necklaces are necklaces for moms who have babies. A well made nursing necklace is designed to appeal to your baby's senses - vision, touch, hearing and allows it to safely play while it nurses. Our care is to create stylish, functional and versatile nursing necklaces made from non-toxic materials.”

“The nursing necklace you captured your eyes is 100% natural and one of my new ones of the Butterflies series. I made this one using non-toxic materials: unfinished wooden beads without varnish, crochet covered wooden beads made of 100% cotton yarn and cotton cord. It is an excellent accessory for babywearing and breastfeeding moms but also for women who love the natural materials. It can be used as a baby teether as it is completely safe for your baby to touch and chew on.”

SimplyaCircle’s Mommy Necklaces are:

ᴥ Eco-Friendly: 100% natural made from ton-toxic materials
ᴥ Safe: made of non-toxic materials, unfinished wooden beads and 100% cotton yarn
ᴥ Pedagogical: develop the motor skills of your baby
ᴥ Functional: lightweight for easy wear and adjustable
ᴥ Stylish: you can find a great combination of colors and materials that is perfect for your style
ᴥ Affordable: we care for the best prices and lot of seasonal offers and sales

The length of the cotton cord is 100 cm (40'') but this can easily be shortened yourself.
Beads are 20mm 16mm 14mm 12mm 10mm.

You can wash your necklace by hand with mild soap in warm water. After the wedding I took my necklace and washed it with warm soapy water and after laying it out to dry for the night it was good to go in the A.M.

Every purchase is gift boxed, ready for gift giving. Which makes this the perfect gift for a baby shower or a just because gift for a mommy dealing with a teething baby!!  To check out these Beautiful necklaces or to purchase go HERE!!!

To Enter the Giveaway Go follow me on Instagram HERE….and comment followed below in the comments section. It’s that easy! Sorry guys this is open to the United States Only. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery once the winner is chosen. GoodLuck!!

More Butterfly Necklaces:

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Jill said...

I want this! would be perfect for my teething baby who puts EVERYTHING into her mouth.

Kenna Weirich said...

This would be perfect! My daughter steals my necklaces all the time.

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