Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pletuko Review

Sophia is on the Brink of Walking!!! How did we get here so fast!?!? I thought crawling was this great adventure for her, she got bored quickly. She flies around the house and has begin to lift her knees and stand up on her own. The latest...She cruises FAST walking along all the furniture and is balancing well! We are so close.
 I knew it was time to get her first pair of walking shoes, but where to start? When Pletuko offered us a pair of their shoes for review we were elated! I have heard fabulous things about their baby shoe line. It took us a while to pick a favorite! Even though we love to be stylish we were more drawn to the benefits, it was just an added bonus that the shoes are to die for! Sophia went with the Snails!
What the peeps at Pletuko had to say, "In the past, high-top baby shoes were recommended for ankle support; however, pediatricians nowadays do not recommend them, because the baby could hardly wiggle his ankles. "

"Instead, orthopedists now recommend soft sole baby shoes, which mimic walking barefoot, which is the healthiest and most proper way to learn walking and balancing."

 Pletuko baby shoe descriptionBaby Flexible ShoesSoft rubber sole baby shoes
Baby Shoe description by PletukoKK baby shoes sole by Pletuko
 Why Pletuko’s soft sole baby shoes?    
• As parents, we all know, babies love to put everything in their mouth. Pletuko’s soft sole shoes are made in Europe from premium, non-toxic leather that has passed both, the EN71 test (toxic element test), and AATCC test (dry and wet crocking test), so they are safe.

•Walking barefoot is dangerous – slippery surface, sharp objects, stinky mess… Pletuko’s soft sole shoes have textured, flexible, soft rubber sole that gives your child the “sense” of barefoot walking, yet the comfort and protection their little feet need.

Sole is slip resistant. Your walking infant will be twice as stable and comfortable than if he was walking barefoot. 
Sole and top are hand-sewn, which provides ultimate quality and durability.

•Pletuko’s soft sole shoes have no laces to untie or trip over. We use Velcro or Zipper Closure, which allows adjusting, and are easy to put on and off.

 •Pletuko’s soft sole baby shoes are accepted and recommended by pediatricians, as well as the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

 •We carry the most diverse fashionable styles from europe for boys and girls.

 •Once your baby tries these shoes on, he won’t want to take them off.
I can attest to that last statement!!! Sophia Cries when I take off her new Shoes!!!! She LOVES Them!! Instant cries when they come off!!
You Can Order Sophia's Shoes HERE or see the whole range HERE
You can check them out on Facebook  !! Don't forget to Hashtag your kiddo's Rocking their Pletuko at #pletukokids
We received these shoes free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

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