Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ya Filthy Animal

Still looking for a holiday party Ugly Christmas Sweater? Get these Officially Licensed Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweatshirt or T-shirt today! Along with tons of other great holiday designs to choose from in all different styles and colors.  They ship fast from the USA!

Seriously the perfect gift to give this Holiday Season!!! It has for sure made our Gift Guide this year....and will every year after!!!

It is no secret that Ralph and I are HUGE Home Alone fans. In fact we have it on DVR and occasionally watch it in the summer months! It gets us amped up for the Holiday season. When I first saw Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals on these sweaters, shirts and onsies I was Hooked!! When I got the opportunity to review them I went crazy, one because I'm obsessed and two because I had already sent out our Christmas cards and was beside myself that this wouldn't adorn the card! It really shows are rebellious side and we need that seeing's in the scheme of things we are pretty boring (Yes we still have bottles of wine untouched from 5 Christmas ago sitting in a wine fridge that we will probably never open.) LAME. I get it, but these shirts ROCK!

The quality is fabulous and I'm super excited that every year we can buy a size up in Sophia's shirt and see how she changes each year in a Filthy Animal Christmas photo! ;) Even better, if I want to skip out on getting dolled up on Christmas morning after over indulging on Christmas Eve (on sweets that is ;) ) I will still looked festive and can rock my sweatshirt throughout the day!
************** Stay Tuned...Family Pictures COMING SOON! (Yes we are seriously Rocking these Christmas DAY!***********************
You really have to head on over to see all they have to offer, check them out on Etsy HERE or STOP OVER AT DONKEY T's HERE No Lie....I could Go Nuts over at Donkey Tee....Lets just say EVERYTHING over there kicks ass!

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!!!

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