Saturday, July 4, 2015

Knox Lee Threads

We are Rocking KNOX LEE THREADS this 4th of July!!
 We have encountered many brands on our blogging journey and there are a few that strike a cord. I LOVE success stories and I especially love mama's that really go for what they want! There is something so empowering about it! The Mama Mastermind behind Knox Lee Threads (named after her super adorable son) founded the idea when she wanted a certain fashion for her son but was on a limited budget from being a single mom... being the superstar that she is, she decided the next best thing was to become an entrepreneur and start her own line! Amazing Right?!?! Knox Lee Threads has the most adorable line and my rebel child fits right in!

Rules Shirt by KL Threads

You Have to check out Knox Lee Threads and see what else they offer...a new shirt design is in and we cant wait to get our wild hands on it! The designs are unbelievably adorable, the quality is top notch and what else can I say... KL Threads ROCKS!

You can purchase Knox Lee Threads HERE or visit them on Etsy HERE Don't forget to check them out on Instagam @klthreads


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