Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mama Boxes

I'm obsessed with Mama Boxes!! Seriously it may be the most genius subscription box on the market!
What are Mama Boxes?
       Mama Boxes are delightful care packages filled with pregnancy safe goodies  delivered throughout a pregnancy at each trimester.
The lucky lady who is receiving a Mama Box will be delivered a box full of up to 10 sample and/or full size products that are specific to the trimester she is currently experiencing. 
Everything from morning sickness remedies, skincare designed for pregnant skin, healthy  snacks, stretch mark cream, baby products and safe cleaning supplies may be included. The contents in each box are a surprise and constantly changing.  Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and a Mama Box makes the journey a little bit more glamorous!
Let's be honest... There is nothing more that a pregnant woman wants than stuff that will benefit her! So unless you are cleaning her house or cooking her dinner for the love of all things motherly give her the gift of a MAMA BOX!!! oh how I could have used one of these at every point of my pregnancy! I had a rough start in my 1st trimester with Sophia, so I opted for the 1st trimester Mama Box (no I'm not expecting...yet!) but I like to be prepared. I swear there is something in the water over here in New England because all my friends are pregnant. Which makes this box all the more fun! I had a few of my girlies over and we had a blast going through the box and trying the goods! There was not one thing in this box we didn't like...and it was packed.... Just take a look...
I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.
The crowd favorites among the huge selection were the Keenwah clusters, WowButter and Preggie Pop Drop!! Although everything sparked an interest with the soon to be crowd! It was specifically picked for that 1st trimester and I love that added personal touch!
You are probably wondering....HOW DOES IT WORK?
1. Purchase the 3 trimester bundle ($59.99) or individual trimester boxes ($22.99 per box)
2. Supply the recipient's name/shipping address/due date (approx. guess is fine!)
3. The boxes will be delivered to the recipient's door at the appropriate time(s)
I'm also a sucker for packaging and these Mama Boxes come like sweet little gifts....crinkle paper and all!! Check out some more...

These boxes also make the perfect Baby shower gift or a gift "Just Because" because who really doesn't want to make that soon to be momma Happy.... HEAR THAT GUYS, go treat your love with a subscription to MAMA BOXES
Overall.... Fabulous company, outstanding customer service, and a 110% MUST TRY!
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