Wednesday, November 25, 2015


If you are not familiar with Chatbooks you are probably wondering what in the world they are...
Chatbooks are the beautiful photo books that create themselves. The photo books for those of us that don't have time to make photo books. ***Here is me waving my arms*** You know the new mom that thought she would have a million pictures of her baby girl...well I have tons of pictures but have yet to actually print these said pictures! The world of a mom is a busy one...this app is a gift to all busy people!!!

So if you have your iPhone in front of you and haven’t downloaded the Chatbooks app, Go do it now... it's FREE!

I seriously can not remember the last time I printed pictures! Now that the holidays are upon us again we will be having dinner parties and friends and family over for the holidays! One thing I love is having our nearest and dearest curled up on the couch recollecting memories while drinking hot coco. I love to be able to share what has been going on and by share I'd like them to be able to flip through pictures oppose to handing them my ipad and saying her check out my instagram!!! There is something so much more personal when you get to hold a photo album. I love keep sakes and ralph and I love to look back on the prior months/years of our pictures! We have seriously become chat book addicts!! They are wonderful!!!! The quality is amazing and its like Christmas each month when one shows up at your door!

Get your Automatic photo books. 60 pages for $8. Free shipping!!!!


Here is some more fun facts about this Amazing company!!

Our Mission

Chatbooks is on a mission to make it easy and affordable to enjoy our photos and memories in the real world. We’re taking the work out of storytelling, and jumping right to the good part.

Our Promise

We’re committed to Amazing Quality at an Incredible Price. And we stand behind our work with a Simple Promise: #loveChatbooks, or your money back. No fine print.

Our Team

We’re a team of people who believe in the power of photos and memories. And we’re just like you. We’re busy mom’s and dad’s who don’t have time for elaborate scrapbooking or photo projects. There are more than 30 of us now, and we love working for you!

Go sign up for CHATBOOKS!!!! I cant imagine my little world without them! You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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