Friday, December 11, 2015

Adore Your Closet...with ADORE

I absolutely ADORE the company Adore!! You all know by now I'm a huge lover of all things Toddler Fashion!! I search High and Low for the best of the best for Sophia. Quality is a huge factor along with Cuteness!! I was so thrilled to work with Adore and now truly Adore Sophia's Closet! They have the most stunning little girl clothes I have ever seen! Not to mention the Mastermind behind this adorable shop, completely ROCKS!

Here is a bit more about the creation of ADORE...

"After working corporate jobs and being deemed successful in her industry while juggling being a mom, Holly had a fire inside her for more.  Clothing had always been a love of hers, and online shopping was her hobby and specialty.  If there was a product someone was looking for online and couldn't find it, they would send Holly to find it with the best resources attached. Her husband Michael on the other hand was not too happy about this life-long skill, and didn't appreciate the packages on the doorstep daily!  She thought, why not combine some of the things that she loved the most: her kids, clothes, sparkles and online shopping... and with that came Adore! With the support of her family and friends, she decided to take the leap and become a mompreneur, surviving on coffee and dreams. The packages on the doorstep daily were now somewhat acceptable, and that adrenaline rush she had opening a new box was satisfied."
"Adore represents love in many different ways, and when thinking of the perfect name for her clothing boutique the word "love" kept coming to mind.  A love for fashion, little girl's clothes, sparkles and the people around us. To Holly, the word Adore was more than just love, it was a word that represented the ability to go beyond love.  Adore not only promises to go above and beyond when it comes to service, product and our customers, but to go beyond love to our community, charity efforts and supporting other small businesses. Holly made it a point when creating her company that this organization would be giving back to the community that built her family and she would instill the philanthropic values that she possessed in her and pass them to her children and her other baby, Adore."
"All of the products sold online are handpicked by Holly, and we send it off to you with a proper farewell and a lot of sparkle attached.  We hope that you and that special little girl in your life love it just as much as we do, and we invite you into the Adore family forever!  We would also love to hear from you, and get to know you.  Please tell us what you think of our products, website, customer service, etc.  We are always looking to improve, so any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  If you don't have a reason to reach out and just want to connect with us, we are happy to do that too.  Happy shopping, we Adore you all!"
"It all started with little girl's dresses, some sparkles and a whole lot of love.” - Holly

You all know I'm a sucker for packaging.... throw in some sparkle and I'm hooked! It was like opening an early Christmas present...all pretty and glammed up!

Find Adore on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Pinterest, and don't forget to Shop Shop Shop HERE 

I really can not rave enough about Adore, my daughter LOVES the leggings! They are super comfy and the lining is soooo soft! I wish they had them in adult size! The Fox Socks have stolen my heart! Everywhere we go someone comments on them! This is just a small sample of the amazing stuff Adore carries! Go check out their New Arrivals! You will not be disappointed!  Have questions... feel free to ask, because of course they have fabulous customer service too!! This is place to shop this holiday season and everyday after!
Hope You all Are Enjoying Your Holidays!!!! Just incase you need a little inspiration... check out Sophia's Christmas Cookie's and get to Baking While you Score some new Clothes for your littles!!!

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