Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Infanteenie Beenie

I LOVE INFANTEENIE BEENIE!! One of the things I remember amongst the crazy whirlwind of having baby Sophia was the HAT! I know, sounds crazy! After all the chaos and visitors died down I remember laying in the bed and the nurse brought Sophia in to me and she was wearing a BROWN what looked like a panty hoe stocking hat. The nurse said sorry we ran out of the pink and blue striped hats. I found myself waiting to take pictures to send extended family!! Even when they eventually put a blue and pink striped hat I still was not impressed by the flimsy frayed knot tied stocking. I love the idea of beautiful hats that look adorable but are designed to keep your babies head warm! Just not the ones the hospitals supply, that's why I adore this company!!

"Infanteenie Beenie is an award winning newborn hospital hat.   CPSIA certified (child safe).   Infanteenie Beenie offers the only four seam round newborn hospital hat guaranteed to fit and stay snug on all newborns.  Our hat provides comfort, warmth and style to newborns.   Parents can finally proudly announce the birth of their baby with gender appropriate hats!"

Some useful info that some of you might not know, brought to you by Infanteenie Beenie...

"Why do babies wear a hat when born?

Excessive Heat Loss:
A newborn's head makes up 21% of the total body surface area.  Newborns also have a low percentage of body fat.  Heat loss can occur for a newborn by escaping through the body surface, through evaporation and by cooler surfaces or hands touching their skin.  Because of the large ratio of head to body, it's important to keep the newborn's head covered.  That is why you may barely catch a glimpse of your newborn baby's head and hair before the delivery room nurse places a hat on their tiny head.

Monitoring Baby's Temperature:
In the first hours after birth, medical professionals will monitor a newborn to ensure he/she stays warm and to ascertain that the baby is regulating body temperature.  Nursery staff will dress babies with a hat, diaper, undershirt, one swaddling blanket and a second blanket to cover the baby in a bassinet.  Staff generally monitors the newborn every 30 minutes to ensure the baby maintain minimum body temperature for at least two hours.  They will ensure your baby is wearing a baby during this important time.

Keeping Baby Warm After Discharge:
Parents receive instructions for keeping a newborn warm after discharge.  Babies feel colder faster than adults.  During baths, dry the baby quickly to prevent heat loss and place a hat on the baby's head to minimize heat loss.  In situations where there is a draft or a cold breeze on the baby,
cover their head to keep them warmer."

I received the most adorable Infanteenie Beenie for review... these also make the perfect baby shower gift!!
I'm a sucker for packaging so I LOVE the cute drawstring tote the beanie comes in!! There are so many options to choose from over at Infanteenie Beenie even monogrammed ones!! They even have an adorable variety for BOYS TOO!!

Go Shop Infanteenie Beenie Now!! Click HERE to check them out!!

*I received this product free for review purposes.

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