Monday, August 15, 2016

Chococurb July

Chococurb is ROCKING my SUMMER!!!!! Being pregnant and this weather DOES NOT MIX!!! But when I come home from running errands on a 90* day that is so humid you literally choke on the air to see a small white cooler sitting on my steps is PURE HEAVEN!! Inside this beautiful white cooler is Chococurbs Mini and the NEW NANO!!!!!!! Beautifully packaged with icepacks and unharmed from this dreadful heat!!!!
This is what we got this month...
DICK TAYLOR~Maple Coconut
Shredded coconut caramelized with maple syrup and sea salt paired with 72% single origin Belize chocolate. YUM YUM YUM!!! I love all things coconut so I LOVED this Bar! So much so that I hid it from my family HAHA!

Next was the "Pretty Bar" as I call all Ethereal Confections!! The chocolate always looks beautiful! Ethereal Confections is a collaboration between sisters-in-law Mary and Sara Ervin.  A shared passion for chocolate and a quest for perfection led them to begin experimenting with making chocolate from the bean.  After much trial and error, Ethereal Confections, which handcrafts its unique products in Woodstock, Illinois, was launched.  Each bar is crafted using organic ingredients and without preservatives.

And Lastly was the Milk of the Gods....what can I say... I'm a sucker for Milk Chocolate!! It was out of this world!

Another notable Chococurb update is that they have expanded their shipping operations.  Besides North America, they are now able to ship to Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. For all my international readers or just to send gifts abroad this is for you!! ;)

If you want the Original Bigger Box you Sign up for Chococurb and each month, and they will surprise you with 5 to 7 personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats. You'll love discovering new chocolates and enjoy everything they send!! It really is a fabulous way to try new chocolate you normally wouldn't buy! I love discovering new things and I LOVE chocolate! This box seriously couldn't get any better! I really enjoy to pamper myself and this box comes packaged like a beautiful gift...tissue paper and all!

I mean what else can I say, Chococurb is Awesome!!! Chocolate delivered to your doorstep once a month, Heaven! Chococurb costs $35 for a monthly subscription, $33 for a three-month subscription ($99 total), or $30 per month for a six-month subscription! Not to mention if you opt for the mini it breaks down to Only $20 for one month, $19 a month for the 3 month subscription ($57) and $18 a month for the 6 month subscription ($108)!! SCORE!!!  

Introducing Chococurb nano

Extraordinary chocolate now starts at just $8/month.

Seriously could life get any Better!!!!! Chococurb to fit EVERYONES needs!!!!! I Love the NANO!!

Have Questions about Chococurb head over to their website HERE and ask...They have amazing customer service and would be more than happy to help! You can also check them out on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM

Head over now to check out Chococurb HERE!!  HAPPY Summer Y'all!!!!!

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