Monday, April 22, 2024

My must have ripped jeans and gold hoops for Spring

HAPPY MONDAY! We have such a busy few months with end of school approaching and sports! I'm so excited to jump into this spring and summer!! Arabella also competed in her first the starting line of THE BOSTON MARATHON!! The most iconic places to start! There was so much excitement in the air!! It was a beautiful start to spring in New England!!

We are beyond proud of her!! After the race we went to a beautiful benefit and raised funds for The Boston Marathon!! It was casual but I wanted a touch of elegance! Picking out spring outfits have been a no brainer lately. I've really streamlined my jewelry collection and just want quality pieces so these stunning hoop earrings from Aurate are my absolute favorites! You all know Aurate is my ultimate go to for stunning pieces!! 

I'm always mixing up golds and silvers together, but I adore my staple pieces! I've also been obsessed with lace tops paired with high rise ripped jeans. Casual & Classy. Abercrombie somehow made its way back into my life... crazy it was my high school destination in 2002 and now I'm just as obsessed as an adult mother. I just ordered two pairs of these and I'm anxiously waiting for the package to arrive of these gorgeous ripped high rise jeans.  

I'm determined to downsize my clothes and only have things I wear daily! This is the year of decluttering!! My makeup mostly consists of neutral colors from Ogee and Aurate New York is my go-to for jewelry.   

What are some of your favorite hoop and huggie earrings!?! Do you have a go to makeup line?! What are your decluttering secrets!? This is the year I streamline my life. My ultimate goal for 2024!! Updates to follow and a BIG Starbucks giftbag giveaway coming as we approach the 4 million mark!! We hope you all enjoyed your Marathon Monday!!

Enjoy your spring y’all! Here is our girl on the finish line!!! You ROCKED this Arabella!!

XO, Sarah 


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