Sunday, July 29, 2012


We had a BUSY weekend!!! Baby Christian had a Big Sleepover at Auntie and Uncles {our House}! Weekends at Auntie’s usually means lots of Parks, Ice Cream, Activities, Shopping and my very best efforts to prevent the inevitable Booboo.  I have yet to send Baby C home “undamaged” he is a Walking Machine and wants to do everything himself! Yes, I’ve thought of buying him a bubble (do they sell those?!) but the reality of it is, he is ONE!  He will get bumps and bruises….BUT they can be prevent and the tears can wait till he’s hungry or tired not hurt! The solution KneeBees!!! I kid you not the Best invention ever! KneeBees sent me over some of the cutest hipster knee pads, meant for kids on the go! I have searched for something like these and believe me I have never seen another product out there quit like KneeBees knee pads! They are super soft, comfy and possibly the cutest things ever! Take a peek….

When they first arrived I was so eager to try them. I completely overstretched the knee pad thinking that Christian's Knee area was bigger than it was!! In a panic thinking I ruined them; I followed the directions and threw them in the washing machine. The Outcome: An Official GOOF PROOF product. They went back to the original size and I was able to stretch them slightly for maximum comfort. Christian does NOT like anything on him, in fact you can find him at times streaking through our home, and he LOVED his KneeBees Knee Pads! 

Thank You KneeBees for sending us a goof proof product that has saved Christian from any scraped or bumped knees this weekend, it really is a first! 

                                                   No More Hurt Knees at the Park... YIPPEE!

Taking a dive at Old Navy...Got right back up, no tears!

Christian wore them all weekend and today Christian wanted to wear them on his Elbows, Which is fine with us because this toddling tot is really on the move…who would have thought they would save his elbows too. I secretly love that he wanted to wear them on his elbows because now I can order the Orange and White Stripe ones for his Knees! ;)

When I have a Baby Shower …working on Project Baby in the Coming year ;) Please friends and family, Buy me KneeBees Knee Pads in every color! Go Check them out HERE or visit them on Facebook HERE!

  We had a great weekend even though the weather wasn’t that great…Baby C even slept through the night! We made more glow in the dark paint, played with the doggies and debated on whether or not to go to the Zoo. So happy we opted out of that idea as we had torrential down pours an hour later….I guess the Giraffes will have to wait until after his Big 1st {Super Why} Birthday Bash!!

Look at Baby C's new hat for the Farm... It's "Corn on the Cob" you can find it HERE

                                              One of the MANY falls he took this weekend.

Hope Y’all Had a Wonderful Weekend!!!

*I was sent this product(s) free for review purposes though all opinions are honest, if I don’t love or believe in a product you will know ;)

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