Monday, September 24, 2012

Long Night; Tired Day

Why are Football games on so late... No one in their right mind can sleep through whistle's and screaming. I attempted to quiet myself within a book...but hearing "****** Ref's" seemed to overpower any sense of relaxation.

Patriot's was almost midnight.

                 Ralph was WAY to ramped up to put on are Nature sounds of Brookstone soooo we talked.... giggled....and somehow managed to fall asleep before 1 A.M. I love my Ralph. I love his antics. I love his heart but most of all....his laugh.
It's Monday was a Super Busy weekend and my house is a wreck. I just called my mom.... She tells me she is at my house and has been there for hours cleaning. I'm Blessed and might... just maybe HAVE THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Happy Monday Y'all
                                                                                                             ~Sarah With an H

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