Monday, April 13, 2015

Beauteque Review

I have just discovered the Beauteque BB Bag , the most amazing pampering monthly subscription.

What is the Beauteque Monthly?
Beauteque Monthly is an amazing beauty subscription created in the United Stated but is from a Korean beauty website, Beauteque. Each month, subscribers receive BB Bags (Beauteque Beauty Bags) jam packed with Korean beauty products! Everything you could imagine comes stuffed in this beauty product bag! The fun part...You get a new fun bag every month!

Want the Details
Subscription Types (3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are Prepaid):
You get billed on the 15th of the month if you subscribe for month to month. If you subscribe after the 5th you will get next months bag.
1 Month (month-to-month) $24 per month
3 month $24 per month
 6 month $23 per month
12 month $22 per month
 Your bag ships out on the 15th
Want to spoil someone you love...perhaps Mothers Day?!?! You can order a gift subscription for anyone!
The nice part about this subscription and what sets it apart from others is you get to customize some of your options, you get a survey via email on the 15th every month! This is great because if you hate a certain flavor or wish to have another scent, color or perfume type you get to choose. Just be sure to get your option in by the 5th or they will just send you their choice. Which is not a bad thing if you love surprises! 

WHAT's In My Bag?
-7+ full sized products in every bag
-A value between $65 to $85+
-Makeup, skincare, jewelry, lifestyle products
-Products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America

Beauteque Beauty Bags ship to the US, Canada, and Europe.
-US shipping is $3.95 per month
-Canada shipping is  $5.95 per month
-Europe shipping is $8.95 per month 

Lameila: Razor ($8)
I threw this razor right in my travel bag! I feel like every time Ralph and I go away on a mini weekend getaway I'm always stopping at the store to buy a razor! Razors are always useful so I was happy to this in my bag!

It's Skin: Macaron Lip Balm in "Grape" ($9)
There is no denying I Love Lip Balm! I thought the packaging was super cute and what's not to love about lip balm!

Hanaka: Camellia Powder Wash (7 Single-Use Packets) ($11)
I love this product and I love that it came in single use packages! I have tried one so far and left my skin feeling great!

Holika Holika: S-Body Maker Jiggling Patch ($7)
I was so excited to try this patch and through it on my stomach right away, I love that you can feel it working like little bubbles working your skin. I left it on for about 30 minutes and the results lasted for a couple of hours! I guess I need to still do some sit ups ;)

Hanaka Magic Garden Series Sheet Masks in "Rose/Whitness" and "Marigold/Oil Control" ($2ea)
These mask are great! I always like to throw on a mask right before I get into the bath! Always makes my skin feel wonderful after! Both of these were a huge hit!

Holika Holika: Honey Sleeping Pack in "Canola" ($19)
This was fabulous! Like no lie, amazing!

Mizon: WaterVolume Aqua Gel Cream ($12)
This stuff is great with the harsh New England weather we get! I love the texture of this Aqua Gel Cream as well! Keeps my skin super hydrated!

Go Sign up for your BB Bag HERE

Every month there is a new them, previously they have had Milk, Pink, Breakfast, Spa....This month is Mad for Plaid!
Tonymoly is the "IT" brand in the world of  Korean brands! I recognized the name right away as I have followed a few Korean beauty artists! The Beauteque Head-to-Toe Bag is not part of the  subscription packages you can get, it is a fun monthly  limited edition bag that you can purchase any time on the Beauteque site.  I love that you get 7 to 8 full size products stuffed in your bag! This includes everything from makeup, skincare, fashion and lifestyle products!

 Bags are priced between $22-30. And covers you from Head to Toe ;)

This Tonymoly can still be purchased for $28 go buy yours HERE.

Tonymoly: Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack ($3)
I love these little strips...I even caught Ralph trying one out :)

Tonymoly: Face mix Primer Lip Concealer ($12)
I haven't used this yet but I'm excited to try it!

Tonymoly: Make HD Hair Straight Cream Kit ($16)
I have stick straight hair so I don't need to straighten :/ Although I'm sure I will find a curly haired friend to take it off my hands!!

Tonymoly: Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub ($10)
I LOVE this lip scrub! I'm all about exfoliating and never like to skip something as important as my lips! This product works Great!!!

Tonymoly: Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub ($11)
Again with the exfoliating! This is another huge hit!!! This bag really was the perfect score!!! This not only works amazing but smells amazing as well!

Tonymoly: Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream ($12)
This is a great moisturizer and the packaging is super cute too!
Pumice Stones ($3 ea)
I love pumice stones! I keep them in the shower and use them on my feet daily! I really do have the softest feet ever!!! Although one did go missing....I have a feeling I may find it in Ralph's Shower! Oh how I love that guy ;)

The Head-to-Toe Tonymoly bag cost $28 this is not including shipping and has a retail value of $70. I definitely think it is an awesome value pack, with tons of great items!!! Plus the packaging is super cute and would make a great gift if you wanted to spoil someone as well! ;)
 Head-to-Toe Tonymoly bag is AMAZING, you can order yours HERE.
Beauteque ships to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Shipping rates do change depending on where the items are being shipped too.

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