Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chococurb Box

I have fallen in love with yet another monthly subscription box, this time it is not socks, make-up, clothes, kid stuff....It is CHOCOLATE!! Not just any chocolate the most extraordinary chocolate in the world!

Sign up for Chococurb and each month, and they will surprise you with 5 to 7 personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats. You'll love discovering new chocolates and enjoy everything they send!! It really is a fabulous way to try new chocolate you normally wouldn't buy! I love discovering new things and I LOVE chocolate! This box seriously couldn't get any better! I really enjoy to pamper myself and this box comes packaged like a beautiful gift...tissue paper and all!

How it works from the peeps over at Chococurb:


Tell us what you love and each month, we'll deliver a personalized box of extraordinary chocolate right to you. You'll get to try products from craft chocolate makers as well as beloved chocolatiers.


Check out the original content on our blog to learn more about everything chocolate. You'll become an expert in no time.


Your next box can't arrive soon enough, so come visit our store and stock up on your recently discovered favorites.

Here is what my box looked like and the goods it came jam packed with....

Why not spoil yourself once a month! This box is actually the perfect size...we indulge a little bit all month long in the most decadent chocolate! Just when you are starting to run out your new box arrives! Unless you have a FAVORITE and eat the entire thing....Fear not. All you have to do is go on the Chococurb and you can purchase the chocolate right from their webpage! I seriously can not rave enough about this subscription box! It is fabulous! If there is something in the box that might not strike your fancy you have a delicious gift for a friend, family member or butter up your boss! They also have the option to "gift" the box to someone! I'm so over the delivering flowers thing....send a box packed full of the most amazing chocolates around!

So what did our house think of this Chococurb Box AMAZING 

Ralphs Favorite:Hot Chocolat - Milk Toffee Crunch $8 Delicious milk chocolate with toffee made by local Seattle chef Michael Poole.

Sarah's Favorite: Oma Freedom Chocolate Bar $8
But really we LOVED everything!! My Mom snuck the Evolve truffles when she was over!! $6
I was nervous to try the Snake & Butterfly - Bacon Toffee Bar but I did and WOW!!
I mean what else can I say, Chococurb is Awesome!!! Chocolate delivered to your doorstep once a month, Heaven! Chococurb costs $35 for a monthly subscription, $33 for a three-month subscription ($99 total), or $30 per month for a six-month subscription! Want to hear the BEST news ever...As if Chococurb couldn't get any better, they are offering my readers $10 off any subscription just use promo code   SARAHH 

Head over now to check out Chococurb HERE!! Just in time for the upcoming holiday and something all Mothers deserve ;)                    

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