Saturday, February 11, 2023

Hopping into Spring and Future Talks with Term Life Insurance Quotes

  We have had one of the weirdest New England winters in history! We got little to no snow (two days to be exact!) We were so hoping for a blizzard and to be snowed in for days and miss some school... I know there is still a chance because it is NE!! Fingers crossed. I can't lie though; my mind is shifting to spring. Springtime always brings a sense of new beginnings. I've made major strides at decluttering our home, it's almost time to refinish the basement. I love the idea of less is more. This year I wanted to tackle ALL the little things that have been lingering on my list. One thing we got done from our checklist last year was to get life insurance! I know many don't talk about it but having little kids I felt it was something we just needed to get done.  It can be so confusing, but we got the most fantastic term life insurance quotes and have been extremely happy with our choice in going with Fabric. 

 I don't like things that have a lot of content... I read magazines and blogs. I tend to get overwhelmed when there is a lot of information thrown at me all at once. I needed something easy to follow that broke down all the stressful parts in an easy simple to follow manner. We never thought about life insurance until we experienced a hard loss two years ago. Playing around with the numbers it became clear that the sooner you get it the better as the prices increase with age. I also couldn't believe how affordable it really is. Basically, the cost of a game app that you probably don't even open on your phone! That will be changing this year as I start to channel what's really necessary in life. I'm over the "clutter" this includes unnecessary apps on my phone.  A lot of you have asked me if getting life insurance was hard to understand or get... the answer is simple, NO.  The ease in which it ended up happening was even better... all I did was fill out a quick thing online and got a free quote right away. 

    Life Insurance was never something we even talked about! To me it was all so confusing, and we are young and healthy so what's the point, right? Wrong. I feel so great knowing that aspect is all set if the worst were to happen, and it wasn't the horror stories some hear while trying to get life insurance.   Fabric is seriously the easiest thing I have ever navigated... with a fully digital experience either from the website or if you're like me, the app! With 170+ years of trusted coverage with legit the fastest and hassle-free services! The best part... you can change your mind! Not that I want to, but I love that I am not locked into anything! I can cancel anytime! It really became a no brainer! 

    The girls have been having an amazing school year... while they are busy learning, I will be tackling my SPRING Cleaning, check out the list HERE! I am so looking forward to the warm weather and having it not be dark at 5 pm! We are hoping for lots of adventures and excited for you all to follow along.... you can find me on Instagram HERE!!  UPDATE: I have cleared out the basement.... I am VERY eager to have a third level in the house that is usable. The kids already play down there with it unfinished but I'm eager to make it look nice and be able to have family movie nights down there! For right now we are gearing up for Valentines Day!! Check out some of our crafts HERE 

Don't forget to check out Fabric! You could have life insurance in just 10 minutes... put your mind at ease if the worst should happen with one of the top and most trusted companies! Go get your term life insurance quotes now! 

THANK YOU to all my loyal followers... we will be hitting 4 million this SPRING!!

XO, Sarah 

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