Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Spring has Sprung and we are almost ready thanks to our new under the desk equipment!!

    Spring has crept in out of nowhere! We had the weirdest weather living on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts we see a lot of snow. In fact, New England is known for its crazy winters! Winter this year was almost nonexistent. We had one storm and even then, it didn't give us the snow count we were expecting. I started my spring cleaning during the winter because I refuse to spend the beautiful days trapped in the house organizing. I've had to catch up on a lot of work-related material, so I feel like most of my days have been spent in front of the computer or doing house projects. I'm about to tell you all my secret to "doing it all" while trying to be a wife, mom, employee, daughter and maintain good health for myself. It is being able to work out while getting my "work" done so I'm not spread so thin. Have you all heard of Cubii?!? If not, your mind is about to be blown! This literally replaced our elliptical and total gym in our home. This and I say this in the best way, highly addicting under the desk exercise equipment has my husband and I working out daily!! 

        Regardless of your schedule anyone can fit in time... mine happens during my workday as the Cubii fits right under my desk and Ralph's happens when he gets home from work while listening to the girls' school day and while he catches up on emails or watches a show. It is so easy that it doesn't matter your age or body type. Just sit in a chair and go! Mind you this only took a minute to set up!! I downloaded the Cubii app, and we were ready to go! There are even guided workouts if you'd like to follow instructions. The possibilities are endless. My husband has his set up to his apple health, this has been huge with his recovery from a recent knee injury that had him stop using our elliptical. I have it synced to my Fitbit. It's crazy how this under the desk portable piece of equipment seemingly replaced all of our big bulky equipment! We have even talked about selling all of it and utilizing all of that downstairs gym space into a crafting/playroom for our girls! With that added space we can get out more because the girls can have friends over and we can hire a sitter... maybe finally get out and start going on dates again. I'll have to go back to my 200 Date Night Ideas!

       I can't say enough good things about Cubii!! Ralph often has leg pain that keeps him up at night but since starting Cubii his sleep has improved and just his overall energy level and mood has improved! We are about to hit SPRING sport season and you all know that means hours on soccer and ball fields.... I have no shame in brining my Cubii with me to get in an hour work out while cheering on our girls. YES I'll post pictures hahaha you all know me! I honestly feel like this was made for EVERYBODY!! Every lifestyle, every weight, every ability.... Cubii truly fits into any lifestyle.  If you get a chance, check them out. You won't be disappointed...in fact you will be wondering how you ever lived without one! I even started to eat healthier and tried my famous frozen yogurt bites for a sweet treat after dinner tonight! 

      One thing that I really love about Cubii is, it has over 300 professional led classes... if you are wondering how is this different than other equipment that offers expert-led classes.... it's FREE!! You don't need to pay a monthly fee to utilize all Cubii has to offer! The Cubii itself is so cost effective that we are planning on getting a second one for our home! I'm also a firm believer in great company's... not just good company's but GREAT COMPANIES!! I have a sweet spot for companies that give back... like Bombas! You all know my love for Bombas... the sock company that you "buy a pair, they give a pair"!  Well to me Cubii is up there with my well-loved companies. Cubii is so dedicated to making exercise available to everyone that they have donated more than 2,500 Cubii's to those who may be facing hardships in their lives with the opportunity to regain their health. 

       The quality is top notch along with the ability to move it and exercise almost anywhere. This compact under the desk exercise equipment is the best of the best. Did I mention how quiet the Cubii is?!? I'm even able to jump on work calls! I'm telling you, join the Cubii Community you won't be disappointed. So many others there to cheer on your victories and make connections in wellness together. 

     Now back to my house!! The decluttering continues! If any of you know of a good storage for cleaning supplies send me links to what you are using! I feel like under my sinks is one area where it's all lacking!! Here is my inspiration picture... 

I know I can get there! It is crazy how stress free our home is becoming. It's true when they say less is more! I don't spend hours on end picking up stuff now that we have gotten a lot out! 



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