Monday, October 8, 2012


Today was chilly…Not the Crisp Fall chilly but COLD. I think I was a baby today, I think I may have complained about the weather a lot but today was a great day. Joshy had a really good day; I was able to relax and actually left the house. Crystal and I ventured out into the cold…Got horrific gel manicures, had a frightening encounter with a spider, Twice. Ate a fabulous lunch under an AC at Panera Bread and froze our buns off in the Grocery Store…But really it was a Wonderful Day. It was so nice to gab about life, discuss future plans and baby talk, lots of baby talk. We probably would have had the same day had we had two little girls in tow. 


I made Ralph yummy Banana Bread…Ok Crystal made Ralph Yummy Banana Bread and he LOVED it…He also Loved the Chicken Cutlets she prepared, I have the nicest friends! Ralph and I had a nice dinner and we discussed going upstairs and in bed by 8 o’ clock which leaves me with 5 minutes to spare. It’s always hard to fall asleep after a long weekend. So I plan on shutting down all electronics and reading while Ralph watched his Monday night shows ( I wish I had a show, I don’t like anything on TV at the moment…what’s good??) I am hoping/praying this week goes well as this will be the determining week to see if Joshy will need more invasive medical treatment for his back. We hope that these medications are not masking the problem…but only time will tell. Depending on our lil’ man’s status we may have either a laid back weekend or slammed with Crystals Birthday Dinner, a Haunted House Date night with Sandra and Kevin and Apple Picking with the Family. Either way it will be good, either way this week will be good, either way Life is Good. 

Tonight's Song....I would always come running. Love you Ralph Steven 

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