Friday, October 5, 2012

Wii Bowling {Date Night}

Tonight was such a FUN Night!! Ralph and I haven’t gotten out much in the past week and a half. My mom had called earlier today to see if we wanted to go Bowling with her and my step dad tonight…we declined the offer and decided to stay home with our puppy's instead. (we don’t feel comfortable leaving Joshy until he is better) Although now it was Time to Get Creative…Just because we can’t  head out for a Date Night doesn’t mean we can’t have one.

Welcome to Sarah & Ralph’s Virtual Bowling Alley!!

What you will need:
Bowling Shoes (Optional)
Bowling Shirts (Optional)
Wii and Wii Games
Homemade Bowling Decorations

The Decorations were Easy! I love going online, you can find anything. With a couple of clicks I was able to print out FREE invites, Water Bottle Decals, Score Sheets, Guessing Game, and more! I took about 10 minutes to find a few things, I always think the little details make the night. 

Music: We hit up 90’s Pop Radio. For some reason early 90’s music reminds me of a Bowling Alley 

Attire: I wanted to be dressed up like we were really heading out to the Bowling Alley…Lucky for me I purchased a pair of Burberry Bowling Shoes 5 years ago…Thinking that if I ever did go Bowling I would look Super Cute. They have NEVER been worn! Attention Ladies; Unless you are a PRO Bowling Shoes are a big fat waste of Money. Although I was Wicked Happy to finally wear them :o) 

Ralph was easy…Do Y’all know the Brand of clothing Nat Nast?? Maybe not…better yet do Y’all know the shirts Charlie wears from Two and a Half Men?? YES THOSE SHIRTS, Charlie is not the only one in the world that likes these shirts….so does my Ralph hahaha He has Many of these hideously expensive Bowling shirts. All he really had to do is throw one on and it looked like we were on a professional team ;) I thought it would be cute to wear one of his shirts too….So I did ;) 
 For Food I tried to stick with bowling alley types…I ordered take-out from Chili’s and got Chips & Queso and Fajitas for two! Bought a huge bag of Gummy Bears from BJ’s and lots of Water! 
 I found these online and they are a definite MUST for our Next Wii DATE NIGHT...
PS: I LOST!!!! There was Lots of Screaming and Yelling on my Part...I guess I'm a Sore Loser. ;) But Ralph surely kept me Laughing doing his "Victory" Dance!!!

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