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Baby Booper Bean Bag Review

Momma's, have you ever had one of those days where you are trying to juggle a million things at once, all the while having to keep a constant eye on your baby or now active almost one year old?!? Do you wish you had a safe spot to put your baby while you got a few things done and you didn't have to worry about them getting hurt? The Baby Booper Bean Bag may be just what you are looking for and more!!
We received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest!

The Baby Booper Bean Bag is a baby seat that allows your baby to sit in the most comfortable position all while being safely strapped in! The Baby Booper keeps them comfortable and calm while you actively get stuff done around the (for me today, the Kitchen!) Sophia had an issue with spitting up a lot when she was younger, oh how I wish I knew about the Baby Booper then! It would have saved me hundreds of hours with trying to get Sophia comfortable!

Unlike other bouncer seats, the Baby Booper Bean Bag Chair does not have any noisy mechanical parts and requires no batteries!! WooHoo! What I love the most is now that Sophia is on the move, I don't have to worry about her flipping the bouncy chair and getting injured! As soon as her Baby Booper came in the mail her metal wired bouncy seat got packed away!

The Baby Booper Bean Bag totally rocks, not only is it safe but its super trendy too!!! What baby do you know chilling on a bean bag drinking a bottle?!? It is seriously the coolest thing EVER! The patterns are super hip and there are so many to choose from! This bean bag is so padded and lush with beans it seriously gives your baby the utmost comfort! Not to mention it GROWS with your baby!! Sophia is almost one now and she is already sitting in her bean bag, watching shows, reading books, or even just hanging out!

Its lightweight and easy to transport too! I love the clear bag it comes in, you are able to throw it in the bag and use the handles as a carrier! It has already made a visit to Grammy's house! Although my mom has fallen completely in love and will be getting one for her house as well! It will be perfect for baby number two! I'll just zip the other cover on that has the seat belt!

If you are looking for a baby seat that is not only practical, trendy AND affordable then Baby Booper is definitely for you! If you haven't fallen in love with the Baby Booper by now here is some even more amazing facts about this Bean Bag!

Baby Booper Mission:

"Baby Beanbags is an American baby products company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company’s mission is to delight parents and children with high quality, innovative products and outstanding customer service."

"Our founding product is the Baby Booper bean bag, an amazingly comfortable, high quality and innovative seating option for babies. The company constantly develops new designs and seeks other innovative and complimentary products to add to the current collection of Baby Booper bean bags."

Why Baby Booper you ask??

"This baby seat is fantastic quality and understandably receives "rave" reviews from parents, retailers and press reports. Plagiocephaly (Flat Head) is becoming more and more common, with doctors recommending that babies should be laid flat for as long as possible when they are young to provide them the optimum position to support their growing back and also the best breathing position for babies. Because of the micro beans in the BabyBooper seat, you can prevent your baby from suffering with Plagiocephaly, as your baby is supported by the beans but no pressure is put onto their head. BabyBooper bean bag style seat is also ideal for babies who are affected by reflux, the angle can be adjusted by moving the beans around inside the seat, and so you can ensure that baby is at exactly the right angle - something that we know is so important for babies with reflux. Once the baby is on the move, we recommend changing from the harnessed cover to the plain cover - this is often when you find that BabyBooper bean bags are your babies seat of choice!!"

"Again, you can use the BabyBooper in a variety of ways for your older baby, toddler or child. A comfy seat in the lounge, for watching TV or reading a book, a great place for a nap, can be used as a changing area and so many more uses too! This seat is the only seat on the market that will support your child up to the weight of 30 kg, approximately 6-8 years! So don't get caught purchasing cheaper imitations! An amazing bean bag that guarantees total comfort both to tiny babies as well as older children. It includes two upper layers that are detached and interchanged so that the bean bag will grow with your child. Once you have finished using the harness simply remove it and continue using the seat without a harness layer, as a beanbag seat."
Baby Booper bean bags are:
   - reflux inhibitor
   - anti-flathead
   - durable
   - portable
   - easy to clean
   - offer a wide range of health benefits  to your children

My Favorite Baby Booper features:

  • Cradles your child while on a safe bed of beads... Sophia has already had three naps on it! She is 10 months and the harness straps her in perfectly!
  • Easy to clean with removable covers. I have a messy baby ;)
  • Multi use: Once your baby is no longer a baby, change covers and it becomes an adorable bean bag chair! I love that I will be using this for years to come!
  • Adorable prints and no metal frame so you don't have to worry about preventing damage to the floor!

Stop By BABY BOOPER to order yours today for $69.99, they have the BEST customer service and can answer any questions you may have, or go check out the prints, rave reviews and other fabulous products Baby Booper sells! I know the Baby Neck Roll will be on Sophia's Christmas List!

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