Monday, September 15, 2014

Liptiful Review and Giveaway

Happy Fall Y'all!!! I'm getting super excited for the holidays and I have been making my infamous "wish list"! Now that Sophia is almost a year I wanted to start to feel womanly again (if that makes sense)! I swear its a rare occasion when I get all dressed up! I swear I've been making an effort to get beautified lately! ;)

A few weeks ago I was sent a product for review that was actually just for ME! WooHoo I was excited when my package of Liptiful  tools arrived! Its the ultimate beauty enhancer for those who DONT want plastic surgery! Now don't get me wrong you all know I have been there...You can read about that HERE! But times have changed! I don't want the dangers or costs of plastic surgery but have always wanted those big full collagen injected lips! My lips are so tiny...well that was before Liptiful! Its this beautiful clay tool used to give you plumper lips an tone you facial muscles...and IT WORKS! just after a few days I really started to notice a difference! I have completely fallen in love! I just pop the Liptiful on my lips and flip through a magazine, or watch a show. Doesn't take long, 5-10 minutes with instant results!

What is Liptiful? Here is what the peeps over there had to say,

"Naturally fuller lips is what we are all about! We sold the first-ever pocket lip tool beginning in 2012, and had the original ideas for those tools to help tone facial muscles if used correctly. Now we can share this super elite tool with you!"

"Liptiful is a simple but revolutionary approach to lip plumping based on the concept of naturally strengthening the facial and lip muscles with easy exercises or just plain suction done at home or wherever you are."

"Using our tool just minutes each day will provide you with fuller, plumper lips without costly procedures or medical risk! Have you seen our 100 reviews on Etsy? Ruth, our inventor, models below to show teens she truly cares that they're doing the best for their lips that is possible in these days where there's tons of peer pressure to try expensive methods. She demonstrates below her favorite tool that she uses for fun (she still is 12 so fun is the word)."
Feel free to look around there site at all the beautiful pics. " We've put a lot into our elite clay product and we want you to see how special and unique it really is. Not just for teens but rather a revolutionary way for women to plump in a beautiful way just like women should be treated."

Check out their sizing chart:

You can purchase yours HERE

If that was reason enough to fall in LOVE with this amazing company... One of my Lucky readers will be receiving the Susanna Strawberry a $43.99 value FREE! Enter through raffelcopter below! Sorry open to the US only! Good luck everyone!!! Winner will be chosen on 9/29!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pictures of me using my Liptiful coming SOON! Check back tomorrow!! :)
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