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KidOFit Review & Giveaway

We received some spectacular shoes this month for review! It couldn't have come at a better time because Sophia is officially embarking on her walking journey! We had two steps the other day and she is cruising all along the furniture!! We are sooooo close and want to make sure she is in the appropriate shoes to start this journey!

We received the Lily-Pink sneakers ($55) and they are AMAZING!!!Sophia was comfortable in them right away and I loved that I could see the true fit with the clear bottom! Genius!!!  These shoes are not only providing healthy foot development but are super comfy too!!
I received this product free for review but all opinions are 100% honest.

My favorite feature: The Heel Strap! I ordered up a 1/2 size because lets face it kids grow quick! I wanted to really get some wear time out of these shoes and they are doing just that!! I'm sure in the coming months we will be loosing the strap for more wear. This couldn't make this mamma any happier! We Love when companies think of it all!! They peeps over at KidOfit are committed to excellence!

We are Officially HUGE Fans of KidOFit and love the stress that the company puts into a quality shoe!!! Not a step is missed in the design and quality of the shoes they carry!

Here's what the peeps at KidOfit had to say:

About Us

KidOFit® shoes were created by Ron Bar, PhD in Biomedical Engineering who has been developing innovative foot-care products over 20 years. Before KidOFit®, Ron was the founder and president of Orthofeet, Inc., a leading company in the orthopedic shoe and foot orthotics business.
After selling his part in Orthofeet, Ron's daughters - who have had difficulties finding well-fitted shoes for their kids - suggested that he should use his expertise in foot biomechanics and shoe design to develop high-quality shoes for kids. Ron took the challenge seriously, and created innovative shoes, which are designed to promote healthy foot development in infants and toddlers.

KidOFit’s unique comfort features include:

  • Barefoot SoleTM technology
  • Transparent soles, which enable viewing the child’s toes
  • Customized Fit System
    • Elastic Collar
    • Heel Strap
    • Fitting inserts
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Anatomical shape
    • Smooth, protective interior
    • Light and flexible construction
    • Wide opening for easy on/off
I also have to share some facts that I had NO CLUE about until KidOFit!!! I couldn't be more grateful that I now know! It is so IMPORTANT to buy your little ones quality shoes! Here is some facts from KidOFit:

Kids Foot Health

There are 26 bones, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments plus an array of delicate blood vessels and nerves all working together to control the movement of each foot. The cartilage in a child's foot does not even become bone until foot is fully developed.
Information about movement comes from the nerves on the soles of our feet. The more we can feel the ground, the greater our body senses its surrounding and can better respond and adapt to it.
Medical experts worldwide agree that barefoot walking is not only the best thing for healthy foot development, but also for proper posture development. Dr. Wikler, a podiatrist specializing in children foot biomechanics claims that “children whose feet are healthy do not need a shoe for support; they need a shoe only for protection”. Click Here to learn more.

Important Shoe Features

Barefoot might be best but it’s not always practical, and therefore, children shoes should allow the foot to function as close to barefoot as possible. If your child walks very differently with shoes on compared to barefoot, then the shoes do not fit correctly and shouldn’t be worn. When choosing your child’s shoes, look out for the following features:


Flexible shoes allow the foot and ankle to develop most naturally by enabling the foot to respond to changes in the walking environment. When choosing a shoe, you should be able to easily bend it to ensure that it adapts to the surface, and that it allows free foot movement. Inflexible, rigid shoes that restrict motion are potentially harmful to kids’ foot development.


Shoes should not be heavy or impede the child’s movement in any way. Heavy shoes can lead to a lack of confidence tired legs, and improper posture.

With wide toe-boxes

Children’s feet are not just a scaled down version of adult’s feet. They have a triangular shape, which is wider at the toes, and children's shoes need to reflect this. Good toddler shoes require a correspondingly much bigger toe area than the shape of an adult shoe.  Many manufacturers of children's shoes are simply scaled down versions of adult shoes. Shoes with wide toe boxes enable the child to wriggle their toes freely, and allow the toes to spread without constriction. Not only should the toe box be wide, but the opening to the shoe should also be wide enough to enable the foot to slip in easily, without having to squeeze the toes in any way.

Soft Interior

The interior lining, which is the interface between the shoe and the foot, should be soft and smooth to avoid irritation. The best material for children’s shoe lining is fabric, padded with foam, similar to the one in athletic shoes. It is recommended to put your hand inside the shoe, and check that the interior of the shoe is completely smooth.

Flat soles

The best soles are protective, while simulating barefoot conditions, meaning, flat and thin, without heels, arch supports or other "molding" features. Soling material should be slip-resistant, shock absorbing and flexible.

Shoe and Foot Care

When you’ve chosen your child’s shoes, follow these great tips for keeping them and your child’s feet in tip top condition:
  • Feet should be thoroughly washed and dried daily, especially between the toes.
  • Toe nails should be kept short and straight.
  • Tights should have a heel and toe feature, not be just a long tube over the foot.
  • Ideally, children should have more than one pair of shoes and alternate between them.
  • Shoes should be changed 3-4 times a year. This prevents feet from becoming too ‘molded’ to a particular shoe
  • Feet should be measured regularly, particularly in the 1st 3 years of walking.
  • Shoes should be cleaned according to the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Shoes should be thoroughly aired after wearing them as sweat may cause dampness.

See what styles they carry and order yours from their website 

KidOFit gets better and better!! GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! KidOFit is giving one of my Lucky Readers a pair of shoes of their choice!!!!! The Giveaway ends on October 8th GOOD LUCK!!!!

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