Monday, October 6, 2014

Pom Pom 4You Review

Sophia's Party was SUPER busy and there was so much going on! We had rain for 4 days straight and Ralph and I were so Happy when the skies opened up the following day for Sophia's Party! The decorations still have me smiling, they were BEAUTIFUL! The Pom Pom's were one of my fav's! Having a Rodeo party really gave me a huge playing field for decorations. I stuck with a brown, pink and gold color palette. Pom Pom For You sent us the most amazing Pom Poms. They came neatly packaged and were a cinch to open up! All the guest kept commenting on them. They were scattered all over the backyard and gave such a whimsical feel to her party! They also have hooks and could be threaded with the clear floss that is also provided! One thing I loved about this company is how helpful they truly are, any questions you have they are so quick to respond. If you have a certain color scheme connect with them and they will help!

What the peeps at Pom Pom For You had to say, "We're making and selling handmade Tissue paper balls/Pom poms , Flowers, Garlands and etc."

 Pom Poms come in 4 sizes:
*Large 18"-19" width
*Medium 14“-15" width
*Small 9“-10" width
*Mini 7''-8''"width ...

 You can pick and choose the sizes you want along with the color by using their color palette that is made up of 62 colors.

A little background information about the Masterminds of this Beautiful Company, They are a four member family from Old Lithuanian Capital - Kaunas. The owner is happily married and a father of two wonderful children! It is him who makes Tissue Paper Pom Poms, his beautiful wife makes other crafts made from Tissue Paper, Regular Paper and Lithuanian Linen. His 17-teen year old son administrates the shop and responds to customer messages. The packaging and photographing is his 15-teen year old daughter job. A real family run business! We think they are absolutely Fabulous and will be using them for ALL of our future events!
They also make Tassles and Beautiful Paper Decorations!!!!

 For more information you can e-mail Pom Pom For You and to BUY for your event
visit thier Etsy shop HERE!! Don't forget to like them on Facebook HERE!

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