Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sprinkle and Sparkle Review

As I start to go through the thousands of pictures from Sophia's Big Rodeo FIRST Birthday I can't help but smile when I think of all the little details! We had so many sponsors but a few really tugged at my heartstrings! Sprinkle and Sparkle being one of them! Not only are they a fabulous Etsy Shop they have the most functional items that really keep the party going! It was a beautiful fall day although there was a breeze! If we didn't have the most amazing cloth weights the table cloths and burlap runners would have surely went flying! Everything they sent was just magical!

A little about the peeps over at Sprinkle and Sparkle.

"Sprinkle and Sparkle came about because of two neighbors who love to craft and share. We both have beautiful families. We have fun getting together and sharing. Experimenting is fun for us and adding a little Sprinkle and Sparkle to something is always a plus. We hope you enjoy our items as much as we love to create them. We also welcome any custom requests, just ask."

"Our table cloth weights will make a bold statement!! They are not the kind that will get lost on a table. They range from one strand to three strands. They can also be used as ornaments, sun catchers, or umbrella jewelry."

"We ship priority, but will work with you to get best shipping price. Everything in our shop is ready to ship. Custom orders need more time."

Yes they are Fabulous!! The customer service is Amazing and you really get that personal touch when ordering!

Why I LOVE Sprinkle and Sparkle:

Set of table cloth weights help keep your table cloth in place
  • Perfect for your next outdoor gathering
  • Set of four weights with clips
  • Never worry about your tablecloth flying away again
  • There is a design for every occasion!

  • What I received for Sophia's Party from Sprinkle and Sparkle...denim tablecloth, six napkin rings, 6 pink bandanas for napkins, set of 4 cowgirl tablecloth weights, cowgirl picture frame, denim canister.
    This adorned a few different areas, I had the cloth weights on Sophia's Head Table at the Party, along with the kids using the Special Rodeo Napkins. The denim table cloth was the Guest book area where I had the beautiful frame and canister filled with flowers! It really is the details that make events so special and these surely did!!

    Go Sprinkle and Sparkle your next event or spice up your home, SHOP HERE

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