Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tori's Natural Deodarant Review


  • Aluminum-free & Paraben-free underarm deodorant for women that works! 
  • Tori's strives to raise awareness about the possible health hazards correlated with the use of many mainstream deodorants on the market today. 
  • Our motto is "Love Life". We help our customers to live with peace of mind knowing they are purchasing a product that not only helps their own health, but is made in the USA and gives back 2% of its profits to support Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's research as well.
I received Tori's Powder Fresh:
"Our powder fresh scent is the perfect mix between baby powder and floral fragrances, leaving you smelling 'Powder Fresh" all day long."
I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

I also received Tori's Unscented:
"Our unscented choice is perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrances or who don't want it to clash with their perfume. Don't be fooled though, it is still effective in leaving you smelling TORI'S fresh all day long!"

I love both but the Unscented is My favorite!! Being a breastfeeding mama I don't want anything near my babies nose that could harm or annoy her! This deodorant is the BEST of the BEST! Not only is it safe for me but also safe for my baby!! The deodorant runs for $5.99 and they also have package deals! Such a great price!!! Not only that, you are donating to AMAZING causes as well!! Tori's donates 2% of all sales to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's research!
After doing my own research on the deodorant I was using prior to Tori's I was SHOCKED! Not in a good way either! I couldn't believe the amount of harsh cancer causing ingredients were used in this well known name brand! I'm so careful about what I but IN my body it is really time to be careful about what I put ON my body! It has been a week since I received Tori's Natural Deodorant and I'm hooked! It works better than the ones I have used prior and its not harmful!! The holidays are coming up, these would make the perfect stocking stuffers for family and friends too!

Time To Start Living NATURALLY!!!
You can read more about Tori's and Purchase HERE

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